#NSFWednesday - Breaking the Stallion (Hell Bent for Leather #1) by Rain Carrington


Today's first #NSFWednesday gets hot and heavy with Rain Carrington's Breaking the Stallion, book one of their Hell Bent for Leather series. 

From the Blurb:

With a less than fulfilling relationship in his rearview mirrors and a fifty thousand dollar watch in his pocket, Elijah James heads out on the open road, in search of something real. And, in search of himself.

What he finds is peace. His bike breaks down on the side of the highway and a quiet rancher comes along to help him off the road. At Noah Oliver’s ranch, Eli finds everything he’s ever needed, including a man with his own painful past and the love of a lifestyle Eli enjoys.

Something Eli didn’t count on, however, was that Noah had plans for him. Noah sees the nearly shattered man and knows what he needs. As he’d do to a wild horse, he knows he must break through Eli's pain without breaking the man’s spirit. Noah takes Eli and starts to gain his trust, his respect, his love, and finally, his submission...


That was the strangest feeling in the world, having a man push two hands inside your ass. In case you ever wanted to know without trying it. Those long, work-rough fingers, pushed together, entering me, stretching me, all the while that man’s icy eyes were set right in mine, ready to gauge any reaction.

It was a feeling I’d never forget. Well, until the next night, when it happened again, and then some.

I was on the bed, again, my legs spread out wide, knees bent, my ass on two firm pillows, a thick sheet covering the quilt on the bottom of the bed to protect it from the lube. My eyes were on that white painted ceiling. I wasn’t looking for answers that night, no. I was using it to focus, to clear my mind, what pain used to do for me.

Now, I could do it without pain, but soon, I wouldn’t have to. Soon, I’d feel pain, but not like I was used to. This pain was inside, invasive, and better than any I’d ever had because it was a connection to Noah that I’d never had with anyone else.

He started with three fingers, and I was ready for those easily, as, along with my other chastity, I wore a plug all day that day. He’d taken that off and my cage for the evening, and I felt almost too free.

If a person has never worn chastity, they couldn’t possibly know how it is to have it taken away after long periods of wearing it. Like a security blanket, you not only get used to it, but you come to rely on it.

It’s comforting even as it’s uncomfortable. I know, I sound crazy, but what do you expect from a man about to get another man’s fist up his ass?

The plug had kept me stretched the entire day, and the two fingers glided into me, and it felt amazing. Noah pulled them out several times, only to gob more of the thick lube on his fingers to replace them.

Then more were added, four were slid inside me, and it got tighter, but it wasn’t painful yet. In fact, it felt amazing, and I moved my eyes from the ceiling to see Noah watching me.

“You okay?”

“I’m good. I’m really good.”

“Good boy. This is gonna get intense. You know what to do, right?”

I nodded to him while smiling. “Safeword, Sir.”

“Good. Don’t stop yourself thinking I’ll be upset. We can keep trying this or we can stop it all. I don’t care. I just care about you being okay, and happy.”

“That’s what I care about, Noah. You, okay and happy, but I know my limits, I swear.”

He gave me a wink and whispered, “I trust you, baby.”

It got more intense quickly after that. The eight fingers were back in me, and though they were curled and tightly pushed together, it was a lot. I grabbed two fistfuls of bedding in my hands and squeezed them, but I nodded to Noah to keep going. It wasn’t too much, it was just…a lot.

He took his hands out to apply more lube, and the crazy thought that I’d be shitting the stuff for a week passed through my mind, and I laughed out loud because of it. His brows drew, but he didn’t ask, and when they were back inside me, I sucked in air.


“Good. Good to go.”

I reasoned with myself how much I loved being fingered. Crazy, sure, comparing how it felt to have a couple inside me to eight, but it’s a thought that came to me and stuck. Noah was exceptional at fingering. His weren’t manicured hands, that slid in me and I barely felt the difference between those and a thin vibrator or dildo. His were tough, calloused and I felt every blister he’d ever had on those hands, hardened, erotic.

Both his hands together, they were a lot, sure, but not enough to have me calling out a safeword. I worried I would need to once his hand was there alone, curling into a fist, much like mine were, on the bed, filled with the quilt.

More lube was applied, and those eight fingers went sliding inside me again, pushing deeper than they had, past the knuckles until I felt each one moving past the ring of muscle making up my hole.

Then, instead of keeping his fingers curled and close together, he started to spread them some, stretching me more, and that was not comfortable in the least, but I didn’t hate it. It was…intrusive. It was invading.

I tightened my hands on the quilt, but it didn’t help. I was squirming, and calmly, deeply, Noah whispered, “Still, baby. Stay still.”


I stilled my body, and I relaxed the lower half of me, and it helped. It helped a lot, actually, and one hand was taken from me, then the other, and suddenly, I felt too empty. It was almost like the cage being off me, in that I missed it.

It made no sense. It didn’t happen that way, but it happened.


“It’s okay, baby. I’m just getting ready.”

“Please, hurry…I need…”

I didn’t know what to say after that. I need your fist in my ass? That was insane, but it was what I wanted to say. I felt like begging for him to do it, and…I did.

“Noah, put it in me, please! I…want you to. I really want you to.”

“Okay, baby, but I need a lot of lube first. Stay calm for me, as calm as you can.”

A wave of orgasm was starting in my stomach, like the craziest orgasm I’d ever felt. It seemed to be coming from a combination of my fear and excitement, but I kept it back. Noah said I could come while he fisted me, but he wasn’t inside me yet.

His fingers started first, pushing into me, the middle, or fuck, finger breached me, then the two next to it, the pinky, and finally the thumb. I felt each one as they breached me, and the knuckled came next, moving past my hole.

This was it. I was about to get his entire hand in me. I sucked in more air, letting it out slowly, keeping my eyes either between the white paint and Noah’s eyes.

He stopped, watching me, and I nodded to him to keep going. He nodded back and without looking, he pushed his hand in another inch, then another. The widest part of his hand was in me, and he kept going, and I had to see it. Knowing he was past his knuckles, I had to see.

I lifted by head to look between my legs, but I couldn’t see his wrist past my dick and balls. “Wanna…wanna see,” I grunted, and my voice sounded strange to me. I was disconnecting, weirdly, but it wasn’t a bad thing. I was starting to head into that subspace light I lived for.

“I got ya,” Noah said with a little chuckle that cut off quickly. He was taking all of it seriously, but I had to grunt out a laugh when I saw him pick up the shower mirror and hold it down for me, so I could see. “I figured you might wanna look, but I wasn’t going to show you unless you asked. It’s a little scary to see.”

“Point it down just a little,” I asked, because I was only really seeing the bottom of my ball sack. He did, and it came into view perfectly. Noah was right. It was scary as fuck, seeing that hand inside me.

I felt it more after seeing it, and I felt every hair on the back of Noah’s hand suddenly. Every line of the ball of his hand, like I could read his fortune. I knew it wasn’t possible, but I swear, I felt them.

“Going into the wrist now, babe. Are you handling it?”

Was I? I clenched a little in fear, but then I relaxed myself, trusting in Noah, and more than that, trusting in myself to know if it was too much.

Pain that was indicating harm was much different than a signal from a body that something hurt, but wasn’t harming. I did know the difference, though I often ignored it before Noah.

I knew nothing was tearing, and I had been stretched well. I could handle the fist, and I said I was fine, though the words came out guttural.

He moved his hand inside me, fingers still coned and straight. He was deeper than his cock went, and it was still fine. I kept nodding, encouraging him to keep going, before I lost my nerve, and he did, moving in just past his wrist and no more. It was time, and I closed my eyes, ready for his hand to curl into that fist inside me.


“Yeah. Yeah, Noah. Yeah.”

I could have called him Sir, but the moment called for me to call him by his name. It was as serious as it got, our kink, and breath play or cutting, it was possibly the most dangerous thing we could do.

That wasn’t lost on me. Anything in the wrong hands could hurt a sub badly. Bull whips, fire play, choking, but a fist inside of a body, done badly, could cause irreparable damage. I knew Noah would never hurt me on purpose, but things did happen beyond a person’s control. Part of that was on me, staying still, being placid so his hand could move in me gently, and once I felt it, his fingers tucking under, I closed my eyes and let my freak fly.

I saw stars blinking behind my closed eyes, lights flashing, and a peace come over me that made all my limbs numb and tingly at once.

I wasn’t gone, like I got when I was being whipped. I felt Noah’s hand, in fact, it was amplified. I felt all of it, each finger as it curled, and I felt the knuckles, protruding inside me. I felt…perfect.

I was being fisted. The thought of it alone got that little spark of orgasm to return and start to grow. I thrashed my head from side to side, knowing that if it got much bigger, there was no way I could keep it at bay.

“Noah,” I croaked, and just saying his name aroused me more. “May I…I need to…”

I couldn’t speak, there was a fist up my ass, but my glorious partner knew what I was asking. “You may come whenever, baby, and over and over again, if you want. You’re off restriction for a while now.”

It was like that light behind my eyelids was turned all the way up and I was blinded by it, and sounds became thundering, the blood running through my veins heated and I tried to scream, but my chest was heavy, like a boulder had fallen on it. I threw my head back and felt the rush of climax come over me like nothing I’d ever felt in my life.

As I came, I felt him moving inside me, fist fucking me, and it made me come harder, the act of it, the lewdness, all of it hitting me at once, and the climax continued until I couldn’t breathe or think. All I could do was feel.


Breaking the Stallion is currently available on Amazon and as part of your Kindle Unlimited subscription.