Love's Trials, Revolutionary Heart, Book 2 By: Janice Jarrell Narrated by: Walker Williams

Lesetiger calls Love's Trials "a roller coaster ride of emotions."

From the blurb:

Colin and Joshua faced the most harrowing ordeal of their lives with love and courage. Believing they'd survived their trial, they looked forward to a future filled with happiness, only to discover that the worst was yet to come. Sometimes, surviving is the toughest trial of all.

When you face the worst that can be faced and emerge from your ordeal with your life and love still intact, it's natural to breathe a sigh of relief and thank god that your suffering is behind you. But the aftermath of Colin and Joshua’s ordeal presented them with challenges deadlier to their relationship than death itself.

For a powerful, athletic alpha male, being unable to even go to the bathroom without help is a crushing blow. Pride and ego combine to do what a bullet could not - destroy the relationship that Colin and Joshua share and that they both cherish.

For a trained psychologist like Joshua, dealing with the emotional aftermath of his partner’s injuries should have been second nature. But memories of his own abused and neglected childhood rose to the surface with frightening force, shattering his ability to confront their issues in a healthy manner.

They didn't want it to be that way. Both of them knew they were wrong in how they were handling the pain of Colin's recovery. Colin hid behind his colossal pride. Humiliated by his infirmity and too proud to admit that he needed help and comfort, he hid his feelings behind a mask. While fearful of Colin’s rejection and ultimate abandonment, Joshua hid in his room, unable to confront his partner and demand that they both get the help they needed.

The toughest trials are those that pit you against yourself. Colin and Josh must find their best, truest selves if they are to save the love they cherish and find the healing they seek in each other’s arms. 

This is a story of love’s trials and its ultimate triumphs.

This is the second book in the Revolutionary Heart series. In the first, Love’s Magic, Colin and Joshua meet and find the magic that binds their souls together. But the magic that bound their hearts together couldn't save them from the trial that shattered their world. This book will break your heart, then mend it again. The passion is hot, and the love is unquenchable. Walk with Colin and Joshua as they journey through their dark night of the soul to their ultimate happily ever after.

Please note: This book can be listened to as a stand-alone, but it will have more meaning if you've also read or listened to Love's Magic, which is where their relationship begins.

Lesteitger's Review:

Love's Trials is the second book in the Revolutionary Heart series and follows on directly from volume one. I think it can also be read as a standalone, but you'll get more enjoyment out of it if you've read volume one before. 

Joshua and Colin are very happy after initial difficulties in their relationship. But little do they know that their love will soon be severely tested. Colin is protecting a student on duty and is shot in the process. He is badly injured, but Colin does not leave his side. What follows is an emotional roller coaster in their relationship as Colin's recovery progresses slowly and emotions run high. I was so anxious for their relationship! The author has described the time after the attack on Colin realistically and my heart bled. For Colin and even more for Joshua.
In addition to the two of them, we also see David and Nate again, but the focus of the story is on Colin and Joshua's relationship.

Walker William did a great job bringing the story to life here as well. I liked how he gave the characters appropriate voices and emotions. An entertaining listen.

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Overall: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Performance: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Story: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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