Indian Lace (Nava Dance Studios Book 3) by Alex J. Adams

Indian Lace is the final part of the Nava Dance trilogy, best as part of a series but can be read standalone.

From the blurb:


Hayden carried a secret.

One that no one knew, not even his closest friends. He’d hidden it away for years and knew if they found out, the life he’d built could come crashing down.

When they ask him for a favour, he takes in the talented dancer, Ashok, but old feelings start to surface. Feelings he thought were long forgotten. He’s everything he hated, pushing each and every button, getting under his skin.

But he’s a changed man. Definitely not the same person he was and now he’s falling for him. Falling for the kind hearted soul with the long, dark hair and the perfect face.

The secret needs to be told, even though it could spell disaster. He can’t keep living a lie but it’s a chance he needs to take to keep the man he loves.


Ashok carried a secret.

Actually, he carried three and while two weren’t exactly life-threatening, his final, darkest secret could be.

To say life has not been good to Ashok was an understatement. Growing up in a family where men are expected to be manly. Where public standing was more important than emotional well-being or one's own needs. Ashok fled the emotional and physical trauma for a life of freedom and dance, right into the home of big, grumpy Hayden.

Can Hayden help Ashok fulfil his dreams of being free of judgment and live his life on his terms? Possibly finding love in the process? Or will Hayden’s past rear it’s ugly head, crushing his newly found heart?

What will happen when their secrets are revealed? Will it spell the end or can they overcome it all to be together. HEA and lots of lace guaranteed.

This is the final book in the Nava Dance Studios series. It can be read as a standalone but other characters from previous books do appear.

Trigger warnings for sexual assault, bullying and homophobia.

Sheena's Review:

Indian Lace is the final part of the Nava Dance trilogy, it can be enjoyed as a standalone but I'd recommend it as part of the series, it's far more connected to the other two books than the first two are. Hayden is introduced in the first book (I think), and owns the coffee shop next door to the dance studio. Ashok is a brand-new character who's hired at the start of the book as an instructor at the studio.

This is an Alex J. Adams book, and she doesn't shy away from the heavier topics, here including homophobia, assault, bullying, domestic abuse but always expect an HEA. You will go through the mill but it all comes out well in the end. Hayden I wasn't sure about in the start but I think I'd be a bit grumpy too if I had someone suddenly in my space when I'm used to being alone, I get it. Ashok has been through so much, and I liked him immediately. I get why he's so hesitant but he was so brave, getting out of that home situation and finding a new position and life elsewhere.  

I loved the slow burn of Hayden and Ashok's story, I loved seeing their friendship develop first, before anything else. Once they both start to learn to trust, it's a lovely story but with the spectre of Ashok's father there, it was never all plain sailing. I really enjoyed the story, it's fairly low heat but with a lot of chemistry between Hayden and Ashok (and I loved the lace!). I was glad Hayden got to tell his story himself, though, and not have it forced out there.  

All in all I really enjoyed this, it might be my favourite of the Nava stories, but I've enjoyed the whole series. This is a fitting send-off for our Nava boys though, and I really enjoyed it.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Angel's Review:

I've seen Alex's books popping up in reading groups I was in but I hadn't dived into them just yet. When I read the description of this book and saw that arcs were available I knew I had to jump at the chance to read this. I'm very glad I did that. 

This story is about Ashok who just wants to be able to be a dancer and himself, but the people who are supposed to support him the most are the ones causing him the most anguish. So, he packs up and leaves heading to his new job a bit early. Since he arrived to his new job/place before he thought he would he doesn't have a place to stay. Until grumpy and aloof Hayden grumbles that Ashok can stay with him until he finds a place of his own. 

Hayden doesn't like to have his space invaded, yet that seems to be exactly what's happening after he agreed to have Ashok stay at his house. Neither of these men ever expected to like each other much less fall for each other. When Ash's secrets start to come after him and Hayden's honest about his will they survive it together? Or will they go their separate ways? 

Man... I was not expecting this to be an Enemies to lovers stories. Well... More like enemies to friends, then to lovers. I did not like Hayden's character at all for over half of the book. His character was so hot and cold, back and forth... Wishy-washy. He didn't win me over until he showed how much he cared about Ashok when he fell. And owned up to his past mistakes and told Ashok about it. 

Ashok was a surprise, while yes he was a bit shy at times, he also knew to stand up to Hayden. He didn't like the situation he was in but he was going to make the best of it.

I enjoyed the growth that occurred with these two characters, they both grew individually and together. The side characters were great, Hayden's family was a nice addition, they lightened up the story a bit. I despise Ashok's dad, and his brothers. One thing I'm going to add is it was mentioned that Ashok and his younger brother got along most of the time, but yet it wasn't mentioned much after that. I wish there was more details or information about that brother but Overall though a really great story, and since I read this as a standalone I'm pretty sure you can too.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Laora's Review:

This final book in the Nava Dancers Studios series is 5* read for me. Alex J. wrote the story so full of feeling that she drew me in with alternating perspectives from both men. I so felt for Ashok and also for Hayden. I do advise to check trigger warnings before reading this fantastic book.

Alex J. tackles hard hitting topics as being assaulted, being mentally and physically abused by a parent and other family members. As well as being a bully yourself and how to learn how to know better and overcomw internalized homophobia.

Both Ashok and Hayden, the main characters in this book, are well rounded characters. In the beginning I was wondering if Hayden was a likeable character since he seemd volatile, but that turned out to be the case.
Ashok was a likeable and string character who new he had to get out of a bad situation and start life over in a safe(r) place. These men had a forced proximity thrope since Ashok needs a place to stay and Hayden has a room to offer. Slowly they develop a friendship that even slower turns to so much more. I loved the slow burn.
When I thought I was heading for a hfn/ hea disaster struck for Ashok, however Hayden and their friends showed up for him and in the end they did get there hfn/ hea.

Rating: 5 Stars

Lori C's Review:

There is something to be said about the characters she creates and the pages we dive into. I’m sad closing the pages of Indian Lace. I feel like this engaging world is closing its doors to us and yet that’s not really true. We can revisit whenever we like and thank goodness for that! I’m a big fan of rereading and I think the Nava boys will a place on my reread list. 

There is something to be said for reading books that bring you so many feelings.  I wish we didn’t have to say goodbye to Ashok and Hayden. I find I’m not quite ready yet. 

Rating: 5 Stars

Indian Lace is available to buy as an ebook or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.