Endless, Forever by E.M. Lindsey

Endless, Forever is something we've never seen before from E.M. Lindsey.

From the blurb:

“…that’s the thing. I never had a chance. I was always yours.”

Oliver Sasaki has a comfortable life. Having escaped an oppressive childhood in London, he’s now on the sunny coast of Southern California, working on his graduate degree, and taking care of his younger sibling.

And he has it all worked

No dating.

No commitments.

Only fun.

Then he meets Gabriel Bensa├»d, the adorable barista who turns his entire world upside down. But just as he’s learning what it means to be loved without conditions- that happiness really can last- everything falls apart.

Oliver knows love isn't enough to save him from himself, but in the end he has to believe- for his sake and for Gabriel's- there's an endless forever to be found.

Endless, Forever is a stand-alone, second chance romance featuring two men who fall in love, fall apart, and fall back together again to find their happily ever after. This book is a re-release with 5k words of additional spicy and emotional content. It contains some heavy and dark themes, so please see the copyright page for detailed content and trigger warnings.

Angel's Review:

I've read quite a few books by EM, and I'm used to high angst, and relationships being built and drawn out before they actually got together. This book was completely different from that, in a good way! It was really nice reading something by EM that separated itself from other books. 

In this book we got Oliver's and Gabe's story. A book about trauma, grief, overcoming your past, therapy, and second chances. 

I'll explain what I meant when I said above about this being different than other books Em has written. 

This book the characters got together almost instantly, they met one another felt a connection and they went from there. And usually, If you've read other books by EM, they usually make the MC's work for their relationship. So I was surprised, but then I was mentally preparing myself for the conflict... And boy was there conflict! There was also growth, and the importance of self help, and the message of you can't live for someone who doesn't want to help themselves. I can relate to Oliver in the way that I have several family members who abuses certain substances and the worrying about them. But there comes a point where you have to realize they are making their own choices.  I'm really glad that we saw Leo's growth as a person as well, I'm hoping that maybe he'll get his own story at some point? *Hint, hint*

I despise Leo and Oliver's mom and dad! How could you treat people like that but especially your kids?? That was awful! 

Now I'm conflicted about how I feel about Gabe's character. Don't get me wrong I understand Oliver made some mistakes, but Gabe did as well, yet he always put Oliver in the wrong. I still enjoyed Gabe's character and I liked how him and Oliver were as a couple, but it seemed as though he was really quick to blame Olly. Without talking to him first. 

Anyway! This story was really well written, very poignant in the topics and I loved how the message pf getting help came through in this story. It wasn't in your face, so to speak, but it was definitely a message that I think is really important for people to hear. It's okay to get help even when it's scary and painful. I am always astounded by EM's writing, they always make people feel seen and they bring important matters to the front lines so eloquently. 

The writing once again was terrific, characters were great! The banter was excellent, the plot line was well done. And the conflict... As much as I didn't want there to be any conflict it was needed for the storyline. 

I obviously recommend this book.

Rating: 5 Stars

Endless, Forever is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.