Daddy For a Day by Della Cain (Daddies For Dollars Multiauthor Series)

Daddy For A Day
kicks off the Daddies for Dollars multi-author series with a sweet story of the instant connection between Chance and Garvin.... 

From the blurb:

A daddy for a day is better than no daddy at all, right?

Garvin loves his job running the local animal shelter. In his short time there, he’s managed to get the books balanced, increased donations, and helped find homes for countless animals. When a fluke storm damages the shelter, Garvin finds all of his hard work being washed away. With the future of the shelter at risk, Garvin happily accepts Club Chain’s offer to help.

Chance is done just having playdates at the local club. It was fine when he was in the big city and constantly traveling for work. He didn’t have the time to give a little what they needed. But he’s ready to settle down. His new job keeps him home more often than not, a new home, and he’s recently joined Club Chained. All that’s left is meeting the one. As if it were that easy.

When Chance gets an invitation to Club Chained’s upcoming adoption night, he immediately RSVPs yes. Worst case scenario? He helps raise money for a good cause. Best case scenario? He finds a little for the day… or longer.

Daddy For A Day is an M/M age play daddy romance featuring a little who misses having a daddy, a daddy who is ready for more than just a playdate, new beginnings, footie bunny jams, chickie nuggies galore, adorable pets, a club that gives back, true love, and a happy ever after.

**Daddy For A Day is part of the Daddies for Dollars multi-author series, where every book features a swoon-worthy Daddy, a boy he adores, and a happily ever after helped along by a fundraiser event. Each book stands alone, but with six delicious Daddy pairings to choose from, why not read them all

Heather's Review:

Daddy For A Day is a quintessential Della Cain story - sweet, instant connection, adorable pets (the 4 legged kind) and lots of chickie nuggies with ranch...  It starts with serious damage to the animal shelter that Garvin runs and leads us to him connecting with the local kink club, Chained, to do a fundraiser... and where he meets his Daddy for a Day - or more...

This was an adorable blend of Daddy/little time and building an adult relationship while balancing careers and finding time to be together... 

Each book in the series can be read standalone, but this one fits into Della Cain's ongoing world of stories featuring the Chained and Collared clubs.

Rating: 4 Stars

Daddy For A Day is available as a paperback or e-book and can be read as part of your kindle unlimited subscription.