Cut To The Feeling: The Complete Series: A Gay Instalove Romance Collection by Noah Steele

Cut To The Feeling is a collection of instalove stories from Noah Steele. These men know when they have found their forever person and don't let anything stand in the way. A fun set of books with some extras for the box set.

From the blurb:

Cut to the feeling with this complete collection of low-angst, steamy instalove MM romance! This box set features all four original Cut To The Feeling stories, plus a bonus novella, and three shorts that were previously exclusive to newsletter subscribers.

Racing into Love: Aiden's relationship rut ends when pro racer Derrek speeds into his cozy bookstore and crashes the end of a disastrous date. After just one kiss, they can't ignore the sparks — or the risks that come with Derrek's fame. Opposites attract as Aiden and Derrek's lives collide in a steamy instalove romance speeding toward a happily ever after. 

Fighting for Love: Seth is a muscular mystery Oliver is dying to solve, but Seth's jealous, jilted boss Nik is standing in the way. As they begin to explore every part of each other, Seth discovers a love strong enough to tear down the walls around his heart. Together, they'll fight to free Seth from Nik's dangerous grasp. Acts of Love: Popular jock Alex jumps at the chance to act in a love scene with shy theater nerd Beckett to pass his class and keep his scholarship. When Beckett refuses, Alex convinces him with a blistering kiss that leaves the reserved boy wanting more. When these college boys take center stage, it's not long before they realize their love isn't just an act. Visions of Love: Marc has been living in black and white since the sudden loss of his ex. Flirty Scottish artist Connor is an explosion of color that reminds Marc of the man he loved. But is he in love with the ghost of his feelings, or can Marc stop living in the past long enough to chase his second chance at love? This box set also includes the following bonuses: Sounds Like Love: College musician Theo writes an epic love song for sleepy-eyed florist Gael in this flirty, fluffy instalove novella. Hot Halloween: Oliver and Seth have some steamy fun in costume while getting ready for a Halloween party. Anniversary: Beckett walks in on Alex practicing for a steamy surprise with a toy and decides to join in the fun with his boyfriend. Through Connor's Eyes: Chapter one of Visions of Love told from Connor's point of view.

This is a collection of low-angst gay instalove romances promising plenty of steam, swoony moments, and a found family of loyal friends finding love in the big city. Each book can be read as a standalone with their own happily ever afters, but the series is better read in order as presented in the box set.

SNik's Review:

Collection of the Cut To The Feeling series (#1-4), 1 novella and 3 bonus short stories for characters from the main books. Instalove. Found family. Single POV.

Racing into Love has a bookstore owner meeting a race car driver with outside pressures trying to keep them apart.

In Fighting for Love a writer barista falls for a personal trainer but they have to fight to be together.

Acts of love where two college students have to act like they are falling in love, but it ends up not being an act.

Visions of Love has a former law student barista that can’t help falling for a famous joyful artist.

Sounds Like Love has musician Theo finally getting his HEA with a swoony florist.

The box set includes some steamy follow ups and a different POV. Sometimes a romance reader needs a quick love that looks like it will last forever, and these stories deliver. With some cinnamon roll characters, protective partners, as well as supportive friends and of course some steamy interactions, this box set fits the bill.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Angel's Review:

Racing Into Love is the first book in this box set.

We start off with Aiden and Derrek's story. And wow, I wasn't expecting what happened to happen! I was totally caught off guard, which is good.

The surprise element was done very well, and the background details were good. I just felt that the relationship that developed between the characters were rushed and felt like it happened too fast.

Oliver's character was interesting, he was apart of the story but also... Vacant? At the same time. I don't know how to explain it, overall though a good story! I wish the racing aspect of Derrick's job was more apparent than what it was. Overall it was good!

Fighting For Love: 4/5

In the second book of this box set is about Oliver, who is Aiden's best friend, and ex roommate. When he's at work he literally falls into a guy that he can't get out of his head. After looking at his dating app and finding his mystery guy, he's nervous to take the next step. But with a little convincing he goes on the date with Seth, and his life is forever changed.

So.. I really liked these characters, Oliver was a eclectic character. He would be doing one thing and all of a sudden start writing when his muse hit. It was cool getting an insight into Oliver's character, along with watching the friendships grow among all of the guys featured in this story.

I wasn't expecting all of the mystery and unexpected drama surrounding Seth, it was quite surprising and eventful. Overall, well written and a enjoyable read!

Fighting For Love: Hot Halloween: 4/5

A short spicy story about Seth and Oliver dressing up on Halloween.

Acts Of Love: 4.5/5

So far Alex, aka Lex, and Beckett has been my favorite couple thought the box set. I know I still have more stories to read yet, but they were just so cute.

I loved that the reason they got together was them both having to come up with a script to act out. I also enjoyed Beck standing up to Lex's dad, that was a pivotal moment in the book, I think.

Overall a good sweet book about a theatre kid, and a hickey play who just wants to be an artist.

Fighting For Love: 3/5
A spicy story about Lex bottoming for the first time.

Visions of Love: 4/5

This story is Marc's story, I've been wondering if we'd get his story and we did! I was also curious about who Connor was, cause his character was mentioned in the Halloween short story. And we were able to get to know his character along with Marc's in this story. I liked all of the pairing scenes featured in this story, all of the artsy details were really great to read.

I think this story was good, but it progressed a bit too quickly, I mean they had just met and had their first kiss, but that's sort of been the theme throughout these books. The relationships happen fast, and then build from there. I also think the scene in Connor's gallery was a bit unnecessary, especially cause it didn't really add anything to the story but, I still enjoyed reading it.

Visions Of Love from Connor's point of view; 4/5. A cool short chapter about how Connor met Marc from a different point of view.

Sounds Like Love: 5/5

Last but certainly not least is Theo's story!! I've been wanting to know his character better ever since the first book! And I finally got it! This book was my favorite, their was so much romance and they took a bit to build their relationship. Which I appreciated! I enjoyed the slower burn to this story, it made things feel bigger, and the emotions felt more connected.

Overall this box set was a really great collection of stories, that I'm really glad I was able to read.

Rating: 5 Stars

Cut To The Feeling is available to buy as an ebook or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.