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Never Have I Ever - Book Four

by Willow Dixon

Cover & Excerpt Reveal

Release Date: May 18, 2023

Cover Design: Cate Ashwood Designs
Genre: M/M College Romance
Trope: Enemies to lovers, opposites attract, older brother's rival, former bad boy, virgin MC


“Why is the one person I hate the only guy I can’t stop thinking about?”

West, my older brother’s high school rival. The rich kid who has it all. The guy who disappeared six years ago and destroyed my brother’s life.

I thought West and I were friends. I trusted him, but he showed me I was nothing more to him than a means to an end.

Being twenty and in my last year of college isn’t easy. Neither is being a virgin. I’ve never been normal or felt like I fit in, and I don’t feel what I’m supposed to.

My online job has given me the perfect way to solve my virginity problem, but then the last person I ever wanted to see again shows up on my doorstep. Not only has West learned what I do for a living, he’s essentially my landlord.

I hate him. So why can’t I stay away from him? Why is he the only person I’ve ever felt a connection with, who makes me feel like there’s something in me worth wanting?

Eli and West’s story is an enemies-to-friends-to-lovers romance between a former bad boy who seemingly has it all and an awkward genius who’s never felt like he fits in. Expect lots of banter and hot first times as these two try (and fail) to stay away from each other. It is the fourth novel in the steamy Never Have I Ever series but can be read as a standalone.

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I leaned back against the dresser and rested my hands on the wooden surface.

Eli dropped his gaze to my bulge. “Are you hard because of me?” he asked, his voice so soft it was barely above a whisper.


He swallowed. “I feel weird.”


“Just… weird. I want…”

“What do you want?” I asked, not daring to breathe as he raked his gaze up my frame.

He was so beautiful, and the wonder and longing on his face were doing things to my insides.

“Please don’t hate me.”

“Hate you—oof.”

My ass hit the dresser as Eli’s lithe body slammed into mine. He grabbed my cheeks in his slender hands and kissed me.

Before I could move to kiss him back, he jumped away, one hand over his mouth, his eyes wide in what looked like horror.

“I’m sorry,” he blurted.

“Don’t be sorry. Not unless you didn’t want that.”

“I wanted it,” he whispered.

“Do you want to try again?”

He nodded and stepped closer.

I was dizzy with need, and it took everything in me not to drag him into my arms and kiss the shit out of him.

As much as I wanted him, I needed to let him set the pace and go at his speed.

“West.” He leaned closer. His warm breath ghosted over my lips, and I shuddered at both the needy undertone of his voice and his closeness.

Everything about him turned me on, and knowing he’d initiated this, that he’d kissed me, made me feel ten feet tall.

He wanted me.

I closed my eyes as his soft hands cupped my cheeks, gentle this time.

The first brush of his lips over mine was soft and fleeting but so achingly perfect I had to bite back a groan.

Gently I gripped his hips and held him as he angled my face to the side and brushed another kiss against my mouth, then another.

He moaned and pressed his lips to mine harder, prolonging the contact as he pushed his hard dick against my thigh.

Taking a chance, I parted my lips and moved them against his. He mimicked what I was doing, letting out breathy little sighs and moans.

His tongue brushed mine, and a shockwave of need shot through me. The second touch tore a growl from deep in my throat.

Eli moaned eagerly and swept his tongue into my mouth. His technique was sloppy and unpracticed, but his enthusiasm was so damn hot I could barely think straight.

He whimpered in my arms, rubbing his tongue over mine in a way that was both eager and shy, like he was trying to let go but wasn’t quite sure how to.

Unable to stay passive any longer, I cupped his chin with one hand and held him still so I could kiss him exactly how I wanted.

He moaned and clawed at my back, trying to get closer as I ravaged his mouth.

“Is it too much?” I panted against his lips.

“No.” He hitched one knee up and wrapped it around my hip. “More.”

“Fuck.” I slid my hands under his firm ass and spun us around.

He let out the cutest squeal, and I deposited him on the dresser. “This okay?”

He dragged me forward for another soul-searing kiss and wrapped his legs around my waist.

Holy shit. I wasn’t going to survive this. His eagerness was such a turn-on. Knowing he not only wanted me but was also enjoying my touch, my kiss was heady as fuck.

I could easily lose myself in him, but that wasn’t what either of us needed. Holding him close, I slowed my movements until our kisses were deep and languid.

Fuck. I couldn’t remember the last time I’d gotten lost in kissing without the pressure to do more.

I sank into it, letting my entire focus zero in on the man in my arms. The way his lean body fit against mine, how his strong hands ran over my back and gently scratched my skin, leaving trails of fire in their wake.

The little moans and sighs he couldn’t seem to control, the way he hooked his ankles together under my ass, locking us together.

His taste, his scent. Him.

Time and space melted away as we continued to kiss. My dick was so hard it ached, and zings of pleasure and a bone-deep feeling of satisfaction moved through my chest.

Kissing had always been the precursor to more. I liked doing it and was never stingy with my affection when I was with someone, but my mind had always been on what would happen next.

But with Eli, I didn’t want more. Well, that wasn’t true. I wanted everything, but in that moment, kissing him was enough. I wanted him to experience every moment of my attention, to be able to explore and learn and figure out what he liked.

I’d never been with a virgin before, and his complete lack of experience was at the forefront of my mind as I dragged my lips over his jaw and kissed his neck.

Even if this wasn’t his first kiss, it was his first kiss with me. I refused to rush things or push him into more. And the caveman part of me loved how I was one of the few people who got to share this with him.

“West,” he moaned and ran his fingers through my damp hair.

I licked and kissed and nibbled on his neck, relishing every little sound I coaxed out of him.

I sucked his earlobe into my mouth and gently worried the skin between my teeth.


He froze, his body still and rigid.

I pulled back, my head spinning. “Eli?”

He flushed bright red, his eyes wide and crazed.

“What’s wrong?”

He shook his head and tried to scramble away from me.

“Wait.” I pressed my hands to the wall and caged him in with my arms, not touching him but not letting him get away until I knew what had triggered his reaction. “Did I hurt you?”

He shook his head and stopped trying to get away.

“Was it too much?” Had I spooked him? I should have stopped sooner.

He shook his head again.

“Eli. Talk to me. Please.”

“I…” His face was beet red. “I got a little too excited.”

I blinked as I processed his words. “You got close?” I asked carefully.

“Not just close.” He covered his crotch with his hand, his face flaming even brighter.

“You came?”

He squeezed his eyes closed and nodded.

He’d come from kissing me? Fuck, that was hot.

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What can I say about myself? It’s kind of like being the new kid in school and being asked to tell everyone a bit about yourself. Anyone else forget everything they’ve ever liked, thought of, and even their name in those moments?

A few facts about me; I’m a veteran, I’m Canadian, and I love books! I’ve been writing my own stories since I was eight and wrote my first novel at sixteen. I’m the first to admit those attempts weren’t my best work, but they started me on a journey of creating stories that has led me to fulfilling my dream of becoming an author. I’ve written and published in several genres under different names, but MM is by far my favorite, and I’m so happy to be able to share my stories with people today.

I currently live on Canada’s east coast with my kiddo and my cats. I have a shoe collecting addiction, and I enjoy taking long walks, discussions with friends, and reading anything and everything I can get my hands on.

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