Chief Executive Daddy, Daddy for Dollars by Honey London

CEO of a successful hospital, Foster doesn't have time for a boy of his own but when a temporary personal assistant is thrust upon him, he finds a boy that desperately needs him. Reid is trying to make his way after being abandoned by his previous Daddy, and his new boss is helping him learn all kinds of ways to be confident and happy, if only he wasn't his boss and Reid's slight crush (really huge crush) would stop, everything would be great. 

From the blurb for Chief Executive Daddy:

Reid has lost everything—his home, his Daddy, even his self-confidence. The man he thought he loved stripped it all away, piece by piece. Now, he has no choice but to put his life back together, and closing his heart is the only way to move forward.

The last thing Foster needs is another distraction. As the CEO of a busy hospital, he doesn’t have time to take care of anything but his work. Lives depend on him running an efficient operation, and if that means neglecting his own happiness, that’s a sacrifice he’s more than willing to make.

When Reid is dumped in his office, the broken boy awakens something in Foster he thought he’d buried—the need for someone of his own to care for. But Foster won’t find happiness until he allows himself to lean on others, and for Reid to try again, he must first learn to stand on his own.

Chief Executive Daddy is a 117,000 word slow-burn, hurt/comfort, age gap, Daddy kink office romance that is part of the Daddies for Dollars multi-author series, where every book features a swoon-worthy Daddy, a boy he adores, and a happily ever after helped along by a fundraiser event. Each book stands alone, but with six delicious Daddy pairings to choose from, why not read them all?

SNik's Review:

Part of a multi-author series (Daddies for Dollars) but all are standalone stories. Age gap. Hurt/comfort. Found family. Slow burn. Dual POV. 

Hospital CEO Foster’s weakness is broken boys, and when his friend sends Reid to work as Foster’s temporary personal assistant Foster feels compelled to help Reid, although he doesn’t have time for a boy of his own. 

Reid is struggling to recover from an abusive relationship that left him with no education or work skills and he is drowning in his self doubts before Foster slowly teaches him how to appreciate his accomplishments and expand his personal interests. 

I really appreciate that Foster was first a mentor and only once Reid was not an employee and had expressed his interest did Foster pursue a romantic relationship with the younger man. Foster and Reid’s dynamic grows through encouragement, maturity, positive confidence and honest communication as they become partners in every sense. 

Reid is sweet and comes into his own and Foster is a supportive and kind man as they both find they deserve a special person in their life. 

Supportive secondary characters, with romance and some steamy times, this was a fun read.

Rating: 4.25 Stars

Heather's Review:

I think that Chief Executive Daddy is the longest Honey London book I've read to date... and the slowest build too... but neither of those things are bad in the least!  The groundwork and story build were needed and made you truly swoon over Foster and Reid as a couple... 

I truly like that Foster waits for Reid to come to him, mentoring and modelling for him, but not pushing his own agenda.  I like that as Reid gains confidence, he also learns to ask for what he wants and his own inner voice grows... even when he's faced with huge obstacles...

Well written and beautifully crafted, this book features a daddy/boy relationship with an age gap but no age play and a build to a strong, healthy relationship.

Rating: 5 Stars

Miki J's Review:

I don't normally read Daddy type of stories... but man, oh man, this one certainly hit it out of the ball park for me!! This Daddy is a nurturing one... and for so long, he's been nurturing his work. But when a very lovely and skittish boy knocks on his door, his instincts go into overdrive.  

I liked that this is a slow burn and that the story focused on emotional and mental needs of Reid and Foster. There's a great supporting cast of characters.... though I wasn't too fussed with Graham. And the story does tackle some really tough issues, which can weigh heavy on a storyline but the author has written this with a deft and light touch.  

So while there are sad moments in this book there is also sweetness. Absolutely enamored and hopefully we can see more from this world and characters. Really really good book!!! 

Rating: 5 Stars

Chief Executive Daddy is available to buy as an ebook or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.