Bridger's Lost Duckie by Della Cain and Kaytea Kat (Found by Daddy Book 1)


From the writing duo of Della Cain and Kaytea Kat, we get a sweet and steamy age play romance that begins with a munch in a coffee shop and ends with a HEA... 

From the Bridger's Lost Duckie blurb:

I used to loathe working nights. Until one day the local kink club started holding their monthly munches at my coffee shop. Suddenly, I find myself longing for it to be the third Thursday so I could be there without the risk of actually attending a munch. I’ve been fascinated by the kinkier side of things for a while, and maybe that was why I was so interested at first, but everything changed when a self-identifying daddy named Bridger showed up with his sexy vibe, his infectious laugh, and his most-recent crochet project. Now it wasn’t an interest, it was a need, a need to learn more, preferably with Bridger as my teacher.

The number one rule of working the munch is that we can’t do anything other than serve their coffee—my boss afraid we will piss them off and lose him all the revenue. It sucks because it means the ball has to be in Bridger's court…or does it? When he accidentally leaves his mostly finished crochet duck one night, I take it as a sign to make my move.

Bridger's Lost Duckie is a sweet age play romance featuring a daddy who lost his work in progress, the first time little who finds it, lots and lots of yarn, true love, and a guaranteed happy ever after. If you like your romances on the Hallmark side but a bit kinkier, check out Bridger’s Duckie by USA Today Bestselling author Della Cain and her bestie and frequent partner in crime, Kaytea Kat.

Heather's Review:

Hudson has no idea what he's getting into when he makes his move on Bridger, just that he knows he's attracted to him... they take their time learning about each other and Hudson also researches kink to understand what he's getting into...

I like the pacing of this book - while there's an instant attraction, they don't instantly fall into love and they actually work to find their compatibility...  that's not to say it isn't low angst and still a fairly quick pairing, but it was sweet and lovely all the same.

If you like reading about a boy discovering his kinks for the first time and a sweet and understanding dadday then Bridger's Lost Duckie is a read for you!

Rating: 4 Stars

Bridger's Lost Duckie is available in paperback and ebook formats and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription