Brendan & the Beast by Fox Beckman

"Oh my gosh, This book is immaculate!! Such a big word for such a.. beautiful book!" - Angel adored Brendan & the Beast.

From the blurb:

Brendan just wants to save his sister.
Their fool of a father promised her to some "fearsome beast" in a magic castle, but since there's no such thing as magic or talking beasts, Brendan sets off to see this strange man for himself. Surely he'll be

Beast has been trapped for so long that he's nearly given up all hope of ever undoing his curse. So when an unwelcome guest turns his life upside down, Beast can't get rid of him soon enough. Too bad the castle has other ideas.

A spellbinding tale of magic, wit, and slow-burn passion, Brendan & the Beast is an M/M fairy tale that celebrates the redeeming power of love—and more importantly, self-acceptance.

Angel's Review:

This is not your average retelling of beauty and the beast, and not just because it's mm. While there are components of the classic fairytale featured in this story, and done extraordinarily mind you, there are also things that are completely unique to this story. 

Like talking Koi fish who are not coy, one tells truth and the other lies, but which on is which? That's the mystery that both of our MC's ponder. Among other things about the magical castle that seems to have a life of its own. 

And the servants who can't be seen nor heard, but can do nothing but serve the living. Those are just of the things that make this story completely unique and doesn't compare to anything! 

Brendan has three sisters, two of which are twins who only care about the finer things, then there is his younger sister Beauty, who is his favorite. She is his best friend, she would do anything for her, including going to see a beast he isn't sure actually exists. Or if it was just yet another lie that his father told him and his siblings. 

Beast has been alone in his castle for over 200 years, the only thing to keep him company are his servants, cheeky fish, and his cast library. Until a stubborn, talented, smart, and outspoken man arrived at his castle, and found a place in his heart. Despite Beast trying to keep him out. 

I... Am so sad that it's over! I was totally enraptured by this magical storytelling, the first chapter really grabbed hold of me and did not let go. I just had to keep reading!! And I did, and now it's over! This is the best book I've read so far this year, and I'm definitely going to be rereading it soon. 

The slow burn was soo good, the tentative tender moments, the rage filled outbursts, the chittering Koi fish, the servants who made sure both Beast and Brendan had whatever they requested, the library full of vast books, the garden, and the music room, was done exquisitely well!! Along with the exceptional detail of the food! The storyline just flowed so effortlessly, it was like I was in a movie, witnessing all of what was written on the pages.

Beast and Brendan didn't get together right away, they had to work up to it, get to know each other better, their quirks, their darkest secrets, their greatest desires.. only then did they admit how they felt about each other. 

I do wonder what happened to the fish, and the mystery was never solved, I feel unfulfilled! Haha. 

 I will not forget this story anytime soon, I highly recommend you to get this enchanting story yourself!

"And you... What? Twist people's lives into stories?" "I weave them" the sorceress corrected.

Rating: 5 Stars

Brendan & the Beast is available to buy in ebook and paperback formats.