Asher, Demons-In-Law #1 by Louisa Masters

Asher is the first book in the newest spin off of the Hidden Species series. It includes a marriage of convenience, murderous grandmothers, lots of petting, and of course all the laughs you could want. 

From the blurb:

When your imaginary boyfriend turns up in your hometown, marriage is the only option.

I’m not anti-relationship, but my life is good right now, and love is not a priority. Too bad my grandmother disagrees. People say she’s scary, and sure, some of her enemies went missing under mysterious
circumstances, but she loves me and wants the best for me… which, right now, is marriage. The matchmaking is a lot, and she’s not letting up. What’s a demon to do except invent a long-distance boyfriend?

That backfires hard when the one-night stand I based my fake boyfriend on arrives in our tiny village. Garrett’s here to help our cut-off town assimilate with the rest of the Community of Species. He’s not expecting to find he has a boyfriend he knew nothing about.

It doesn’t take me long to convince him to agree to my new plan. I need the matchmaking to stop; he needs our insular little community to accept and trust him. The perfect solution: marriage. A business agreement with a time limit.

Just business.

Until he demands more. A sexy, nerdy hellhound in my bed isn’t a deal breaker.

But as we get closer to our end date, it gets harder for me to imagine life without him. And when my little cousin goes missing, it’s Garrett who saves the day… and reveals secrets the village didn’t know we had.

In this hilarious spin-off from the Hidden Species series, Gideon's cousins get their time to shine... beginning with Asher and his brand-new hellhound husband.

Nicole's Review:

I'm so happy Louisa wasn't ready to leave the Hidden Species world yet! Asher was such a fun take on the demon character, and Garret was almost the exact opposite of Alistair's hellhound. 

 A steamy one night stand turns into a proposal for a marriage of convenience. We get some cameos from our favorite characters, and get to meet more of Gideon and Asher's family, including their seriously murdery grandmother!  

What started of as just great chemistry blossoms into a very sweet romance. No end of the world shenanigans in this book, but the mystery part was pretty cool. I can't wait to see what's behind the door in the next book!

Rating: 5 Stars

Jacqueleen the Reading Queen's Review:

It made me incredibly happy when Masters announced we were getting another series set in the Hidden Species universe. Like others I totally wasn't ready to leave. And we get cameos!!! And a reappearance of an old favorite. Two words: Drunk Sam. Speaking of which I don't know why I expected all demons to have personalities like Gideon. It seems that man is a rarity among even his own species with his grumpiness. Well, everyone except his murderous grandmother.

Asher and his cousins don't really share anything in common with Gideon except for maybe their familial connection and the fact they like to give each other shit. Some are even loud and obnoxious, though they don't have anything on hellhounds and dragons in that regard. Garrett seems to be a rarity among his species as well. He's remarkably more serious for a hellhound. Just don't let him get near any glitter. Even Garrett has his limits.

The relationship between Asher and Garrett may have started out as a business arrangement, but it most definitely didn't stay that way. It was absolutely obvious to everyone except them that these two were chugging along quite content and happy in their committed relationship. Hell, they even agreed that tangling in the sheets on a daily basis was a perfectly wonderful addition to said arrangement. What more could they need? Eventually Asher and Garrett's brains catch up to their feelings and they of course are afraid to mention it because they don't want to scare the other off. Worry not, they figure it out in the end.

Next up we have Micah, Asher's cousin. The set up for his romance definitely has me intrigued. I mean Micah is going to be secluded in the mountains with an absent minded incubus. And we all know what an incubus eats. Bet you can guess why I'm so intrigued now ;).

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Asher is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, audiobook, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.