Waking Up Filthy, (Love Unexpected Book 5) by R. Cayden

Waking up married to a stanger is a nightmare all on it's own, but it's even worse when you've spent your entire life in the closet and that marriage blows the door off its hinges. We get all that and more in R. Caydens latest, Waking Up Filthy!

From the blurb:

Why in the hell is there a naked, tattooed man in my bed?

I’m a closeted tennis pro, and I’m certainly not accustomed to waking up with strange men.
Never mind that Gabriel is a notoriously flirty rock star and, according to the marriage certificate we find in our Vegas hotel room, my new husband.
Last night is a drunken blur, but there’s no doubt in my mind what needs to happen this morning.
Annulment. ASAP.
Gabriel might be annoyingly charming and hot, but he’d spell disaster for my life and career.
Then the photos surface, the ones where we’re making out at the chapel.
A fake relationship might be our only way through the media frenzy, which means playing nice with the man who makes me want to scream and swoon at the same time.
The long-haired rocker who makes me laugh when I least expect, who swears that his songs aren’t sad, and who I definitely don’t want to kiss.
Except for maybe one more time. Just to get it out of our systems…

Waking Up Filthy is a steamy and sweet M/M romance about two guys who try hard but just can’t resist each other. It features dirty talk, sunrise serenades, and a touch of angst. The fifth book in Love Unexpected, Waking Up Filthy can be ready as a standalone or as part of the series. Enjoy!

Jacqueleen the Reading Queen's Review:

It's been a while since I've read an R. Cayden book. I don't know why that is either because this author tends to bring the heat and holy hell am I here for it. On top of that, Waking Up Filthy has a wake-up married plot line and I always get a kick out of that trope. I especially like when we actually get to experience the drunken wedding either while it's happening or in a sneak peek. It usually tends to be hilarious. I have to wonder though; do they really allow heavily intoxicated people to just get married in Vegas? It seems like the answer leans towards yes and I find that laughter inducing in romance books, yet slightly alarming IRL. Then again, there are plenty of things I love in romance books that would likely send me running for the hills if it happened to me. But I digress...

I really loved Gabriel and Spencer. Two polar opposites, both experiencing loneliness in their own unique way. Their drunken marriage is a PR nightmare. Spencer is at the top of his tennis game and about to compete in some tough tournaments. Gabriel is in the middle of launching his solo career as a rock star. Neither needs the negative media at this moment so the best decision to be made is to continue on with their sham of a marriage and part amicably after a year. This fake marriage of course has plenty of good PR opportunities thrown in to negate the bad press and it's during these moments that Gabriel and Spencer start to actually get to know one another.

It was sweet how Gabriel and Spencer started to rely on each other. The two became close friends, something Gabriel and Spencer were both short on. Soon their friendship blossomed into talking every day. With the insatiable flirt Gabriel is I didn't think it would take long for Spencer to crack. That rock star is charming AF. What did surprise me was how filthy Spencer could get with both his body AND his mouth. Man the dirty talk. It was some good stuff peeps. Angst wise this was lower level and there was only one real point in the book where I felt it. Thankfully it was swiftly cleared up with both Spencer and Gabriel quick to communicate. The ending brought everything full circle and I loved how it was such a Gabriel thing to do. Very spicy and entertaining read.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Heather's Review:

Waking up in Vegas with few memories of your night is common, I understand... waking up next to a stranger, also fairly common... but waking up married to that stranger after living in a celibate closet for years, well that's one for the books... or at least an R. Cayden book called Waking Up Filthy...

I love these two characters - opposites in so many ways, but sharing similar life experiences of having to devote themselves mind, body and soul to their work as a top tennis player and rock idol... and the chemistry is off the charts!  This book is a roller coaster pf PR fake marriage, growing actual feelings, bi-coastal separation, angst and friendship.  

It's a well written and engaging read with a ton of steam, the paparazzi on the couples heels, some horrible homophobia and a well deserved HEA.  I loved the ending!!! 

This book is the 5th in the Love Unexpected series but can easily be read as standalone.

Rating: 5 Stars

Waking Up Filthy is available to buy as an e-book or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.