The Rancher's First Love, Westland Men #1 by Dee Adams

"Absolutely loved this book, an amazing read to start a series with." New reviewer, Alaa Bookishlife, read and reviewed The Rancher's First Love.

From the blurb:

Finding love was the last thing he expected when he moved back home.

After receiving a call from his brother telling him their father had a stroke and was in a serious condition, Robby packed his things and moved back to the town and ranch where he grew up. Being there meant that he must hide the fact that he was gay. Even so, Robby was happy to be back.

He didn’t have time to enjoy being at home before Joon stepped into his life. His brother’s best friend from university, Joon, was the most confusing and captivating man Robby met.

Beautiful beyond words and with a quirky and eccentric personality, he attracted Robby as no one else did before. This attraction was the most inconvenient for Robby, yet he repeatedly succumbed to it, and every time his fears got the best of him, making him hurt the other man. When he realized he ended up falling for Joon, he feared it was too late and that he’d already lost him.

When things look good in their relationship, someone stepped in and threatened their happiness. Almost losing Joon forever made Robby realize he let his fears keep him away from his loved ones instead of trusting their love for him in accepting his true self.

Now that everything was out in the open, Robby worried about the future of his relationship with Joon. Robby knew Joon would have to return to the city. He worried that their relationship wouldn’t make it long-distance.

Alaa Bookishlife's Review:

I've been reading MM books for a while now, but I've never read one with ranchers in it, this one was a great work.

The characters were amazing, their push and pull kept me going, I needed to know how they're just gonna give up.

The miscommunication between Robby and his parents is understandable, I don't think it's easy to come out for a traditional family.

Joon is exactly how I imagine Asian people, he was the best part of the book, amazed me to no end
I am so waiting to read about the rest of the family, I'm sure it's gonna be great.

Rating: 4 Stars

Miki J's Review:

First time I've read from this author and I really enjoyed this book!! We meet Robby, who's going home to help on the family ranch and Joon, who is his older brothers best friend come to visit. Joon is well & truly out ....but Robby is not and is truly afraid of what his family would think - so remains in the closet, which is truly difficult because of his attraction to Joon.  

Well written story with angst, family/found family, small town, plenty of emotions, a touch of suspense and of course, romance. Looking forward to book # 2!!

Rating: 4 Stars

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