Summer Dreams, Sultry Summer Series Book 4 by Laura John

"Ok, so this book came as a total surprise – a great surprise, but a surprise nonetheless." Zakiyya on Summer Dreams.

From the blurb:

Age is just a number... or is it?


Growing up, I had it all. I never had to want for anything. Everything was great, and I had a family who cared. But getting tangled up with the wrong crowd ruined that.

For years, I lived in addiction, battling the constant need for my next hit and doing shady things. Someone saw more than that wasted addict and helped me get my life back together.

With dedication and sheer hard work, I'm finally in a good place. At forty, I own a bar. My bar and my employees are what keep me focused. I let nothing come between me and what I treasure.

Until a small man with light and sass threatens everything I believe. When Kev comes into the picture, though, I realize sometimes addiction and obsession are one in the same.

He works his way into the very fiber of my being, burrows in my soul. I’m starting to feel things I thought I had buried years ago coming back to the surface. I want him, but he’s twenty-one years younger than me, and everything I’m not…


My plans are set. The moment I turn 18, I am off to see anything outside this small NC town. I'd escape the sleepy closed minds and search for acceptance and love elsewhere. Funny thing about declaring plans, sometimes the universe has other ideas.

Despite myself, I find love, support and even a family amid the small-town community. Finding my forever family, I realized I can’t leave. They are helping me grow and be the person I want to be.

Growing my wings, I find Jax. Grumpy, no nonsense silver fox bar owner. He’s my opposite–cold, brooding, and distant. But something about him draws me in. Unfortunately, he wants nothing to do with me because of my age. Or maybe because our courtship started with a lie.

Once he finally lets his guard down and pulls his head out of his ass, we start to explore our relationship. Just as everything starts leading in the direction, we both want, our fresh romance is turned on its head.

Can I keep Jax beside me, or are we bound to break apart?

**Summer Dreams talks about some sensitive subjects if you would like to learn more about this you can find the information on the author's website.

Zakiyya's Review:

Not because I wasn’t expecting it to be this good but because, with a title like that, I was expecting something sunshiny and super-light.

I wasn’t expecting the steaming hot sexual tension between Jax and Kev and I wasn’t expecting the emotional moments that made my eyes all bleary.

Feels awesome to get way more than I bargained for… 🥰
I absolutely LOVED Jax’s reaction when he saw Kev chatting to the silver fox at the bar – what can I say …  🤷🏻‍♀️ -  I like my MC’s jealous … 😏
Kev was a wonderful character – a total firecracker and I really liked how he stood up for himself on numerous occasions.

I loved that Jax was an absolute grump and that Kev was the one to bring out his soft side.
The bonus epilogue was just BEAUTIFUL… 🥰

A thoroughly enjoyable story with equally entertaining characters…💙💙

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Summer Dreams is available to buy as an ebook or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.