Str8 B8 by K.C. Wells

One minute K.C. was putting up a chance to win an ARC of her new book, Str8 B8, the next, she was announcing that it had already published on Amazon... so of course I dropped everything to grab my copy in Kindle Unlimited and devour it! 

From the blurb:

Work has been a little hard to come by recently for builder Tom Ryder. When a friend tells him about the wad of cash he got for starring in an adult video, Tom seizes the opportunity. Besides, his friend said his co-star was really hot, so Tom is definitely not seeing a downside.

Until he arrives for the shoot and finds out his friend glossed over one important detail—Tom’s co-star is a guy.

Denny Bailey is only a few months away from finishing the dissertation for his master’s, but that doesn’t mean he can’t find time for his ‘other’ career, especially when it helps him pay off his student loans and keep body and soul together. Life as an adult performer is fun, there are no strings... What could be more perfect? And this latest arrival is definitely ticking most of Denny’s boxes, even if he is a skittish straight guy. That’s fine. Denny can handle that.

Until the next day when Tom Ryder walks into Denny’s favourite coffee shop—and he isn’t smiling.

All it takes is one afternoon to change both their lives, in ways neither of them could ever have imagined...

Heather's Review:

Down on his luck, but also altruistically hoping to help his best friend and ex-wife with her own money issues, Tom is set up to star in an adult video - with another man...

This book brings together two very sweet men who have an instant connection that they both fight hard... It's a high steam, just a little kinky, but with a slow burn romance... I love that they feed off each other's angsty energy and missteps... until you want to shake them both

If you're looking for a pair of men with hearts of gold, a bisexual awakening and steamy porn sex, grab your copy of Str8 B8 today!

Rating; 5 Stars

Angel's Review:

Tom is straight, has always been straight, or so he though. When his old friend offers him a way to make some money, he takes it. He wasn't prepared for what he had to do to earn that money, he thought he would be with a women, not a... Man? 

When he was younger he experimented with a boy, but he has tried to bury those memories every since then. He was just doing a job to get paid, that's it. Or.. could he get something more than just a paycheck? 

Denny has been working with Ari for quite some time now, he knows how these things go now. He also knows not to fall for a straight man who's just doing this job fit the money. But... When Tom find Denny in his favorite coffee shop, it's hard to separate the scene they filmed from potentially being friends. After they get each other's numbers their friendship slowly starts to grow, and from there starts to blossom.. slowly, might I add. 

This is definitely a slow burn with a bit of friends with benefits going on. Tom..  while I liked his character felt a bit wishy washy to me, he was very back and forth. So.. that aspect of his characters didn't win me over but I could definitely over look it for the overall storyline. I think the author did a good job writing this story and making it believable. Nothing was rushed, all of the characters belonged in the story, and I really enjoyed Denny's roommates. Along with Deb and Shannon, those two were a hoot! 

If you're wondering about the spice level, it's a 4/5. There are quite a bit of steamy scenes, but that's to be expected due to what the characters end up doing for work. 

Overall a good read. 

Rating: 4.25 Stars

Str8 B8 is currently available as an e-book and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited subscription like I did :)