#SpotlightSunday - Love Comes in Threes by Marie Sinclair


We're letting the #SpotlightSunday shine on Marie Sinclair and her latest release, Love Comes in Threes!

From the Blurb:

A single phone call changes the perfectly-balanced V-relationship husbands Elliott and Luc, and Luc’s Dom/boyfriend, Leo, have maintained for several years. If they’re brave enough to take the chance, they could build something even stronger for all of them together.

Elliott thrives on routine: teaching college literature, caring for his dogs, and unconditionally loving his husband, Luc. Whether that means building a recording studio for Luc’s burgeoning career as a pet care influencer or supporting Luc’s love for his Dom, Elliott is there for him no matter what.

Luc is the luckiest man in the world. His pet care YouTube channel is poised to launch into a real career, Elliott gives him the solid foundation he needs, and Leo provides the domination and structure he craves. Wherever the winds of fame take him, he’s secure in the knowledge that both his husband and his lover will be his wings.

Leo knows no one would look at his wheelchair and think “Dom,” but frankly, he doesn’t care. He survived the accident that paralyzed him, as well as the health crisis that almost killed him, and his reward is Luc, kneeling at his feet in complete devotion and perfect submission.

These three men have balanced work, home, love, and play in an open V-relationship for several years…until a single phone call rocks their world. Once the shock wears off, the new dynamic between them could destroy everything or build something stronger if they’re brave enough to take the chance.

Notes: Love Comes in Threes is an emotional, somewhat angsty MMM romance featuring a consensual V-relationship (i.e., no cheating), and an HEA for all three men. It contains a Dom on wheels, Really Big Floofy Dogs, and mouthwatering Greek pastries, as well as light kink and a D/s relationship.


The punishment Leo gave Luc wasn’t too severe: Luc had to stand in the corner, nose to the wall, for twenty minutes. It was tedious and boring, and he knew Luc would be squirming before the first five minutes were up, but he also knew his boy would do it without complaint and understand the implied message about how much pain his silence and withholding had caused his partners.

If they’d been at Leo’s place, he would have turned Luc over his lap and turned his ass red, but he hadn’t known how that would play with Elliott. Especially since they were in Elliott and Luc’s home. So, he settled for the corner, which only made Elliott raise an eyebrow when he returned to the living room with a fresh glass of wine for Leo.

They chatted quietly while Luc stood facing the wall. Leo asked how Elliott’s semester was working out and when he’d be done with grading.

“This week is finals,” Elliott said. “Next week is the big push to get my grading done, but then it’s over.”

“Summer off?”

Elliott snorted. “Hardly. I’m working on a book that’s due to my editor in October, and my department head has insisted I attend a conference in Scotland at the end of the summer, which means developing a paper and putting together a panel in addition to preparing for the fall semester’s classes.”

“I always thought one of the perks of teaching was getting summers off.”

“Not when you’re a college professor. Summer is when we get most of our own work done.”
“If you’re busy, you don’t need to help me. I’ve arranged for a night nurse.”

“Leo.” Elliott reached out and put his hand on Leo’s arm. The warm weight of it sent pleasant sensations coursing through his upper body. He wasn’t unaware that Elliott Porter was a handsome man — he’d thought so from the moment Luc approached him and been mildly disappointed he was only looking to find a Dom for himself and not for both him and his husband.

When Leo looked up, his gaze caught on Elliott’s lively hazel eyes. They were brown, flecked with bits of green and gold, and lit with the depth of Elliott’s intellect and passion. And when the man said his name again, Leo swallowed hard and nodded.

“I wouldn’t have offered if I didn’t want to help. If you don’t want me there, I’ll understand, but I thought you might appreciate having someone you know with you.”

Leo found it necessary to clear his throat before he could speak. “That…that would be nice. Yes. Thank you.”

Elliott withdrew his hand, and Leo missed its warmth immediately. “I’m glad that’s settled. Dinner will be ready in about half an hour.” He inclined his head toward Luc. “How much longer does he have?”

“How much longer do you think, boy?” Leo asked. This was one of his favorite mindfucks because if a sub answered with only a couple more minutes when it clearly wasn’t close to time, an evil Dom would make them stand there longer. Conversely, if the sub erred on the side of what it felt like and answered with about fifteen minutes more, Sir, they were likely to end up with more time on the clock because that’s what they’d said they expected.

“I think about seven minutes, Sir,” Luc answered.

Leo glanced at his watch. It was only about three, but he figured he’d give Luc a break and not tack on the extra minutes. He held up three fingers so Elliott could see and said, “Very good, boy. You’re doing well.”

“Thank you, Sir.”

Leo was pleased Luc didn’t move or raise his eyes from the wall in front of him. He honestly hadn’t agreed to be Luc’s Dom with any thought of there being more than play sessions between them, but within a few months, it was obvious they were attracted to each other. It had floored Leo when Luc asked to be his boyfriend. He understood poly relationships, had been in a few himself over the years, but something had been different about this one from the start.

He looked at Elliott, who, at that moment, was swirling the wine in his glass before taking another sip, and thought that maybe Elliott had been part of the difference. The man was so open and accepting about his husband’s desire for both BDSM and a boyfriend. Leo hadn’t met too many married couples where only one partner was in the scene, let alone have the non-kinky spouse be completely okay watching his husband in a scene with said husband’s Dom.

Elliott wasn’t a submissive; Leo knew that. He was cooperative, and there was a difference. Submission was a willingness to let go and hand responsibility for your mind and body to another person, letting them give you what you needed, push you when you needed to be pushed, and take care of you. It required a great deal of trust and an ability to accept another person’s control. Not everyone could do it. Even when someone had the desire to be submissive, sometimes they couldn’t hand over that power to someone else.

It was the same thing with domination. Not everyone was cut out to be a Dom. Even the most controlling person wasn’t necessarily a great Dom because there wasn’t the willingness to consider the other person’s needs and find satisfaction in giving someone that gratification. Leo didn’t need a therapist to know that some of his desire to be a Dom was fueled by a need to have control over this aspect of his life, but the more significant reason was because he liked being the person who was trusted. And with Luc, he loved watching the effect his commands had on the man. Luc was so responsive he was a Dom’s wet dream, and Leo was grateful he’d found Luc before anyone else had.

The timer on Leo’s watch ran down to single digits, and he canceled the countdown before the alarm sounded. He nodded to Elliott, who rose and walked over to Luc, standing behind him but not touching him, just as Leo had instructed him.

“Very good, boy. You’re done,” Leo said.

Elliott wrapped his arms around Luc’s waist and turned him so they could embrace. Luc immediately crumpled against Elliott’s chest, and Elliott soothed him with soft words and gentle touches.

“I’m sorry,” Luc said, his voice muffled because he still had his face buried against Elliott. “I got so tangled up…”

“Shhhh.” Elliott’s hands stroked up Luc’s back and into his hair, something Leo knew Luc loved, and sure enough, Luc arched back against the fingers weaving through his curls. “I know,” Elliott told him. “But that’s over. We’ve dealt with it, we all know what’s going on, so now we can figure out what we’re going to do.”

Luc nodded and sniffled, then gasped as Elliott hooked his fingers into Luc’s hair and tugged firmly so Luc had to look him in the eyes. “And we’ll talk about how to make sure this doesn’t happen again because somehow you decided this was something you needed to deal with on your own instead of discussing it with Leo and me.” With his hands still in Luc’s hair, Elliott bent down and kissed him, which completely broke Luc. He wrapped his hands around Elliott’s neck, whispering I’m sorry between kisses until Elliott broke away and led him to the couch and seated him in the middle, next to Leo, then took his own place on the other side.
Immediately, Luc turned to Leo, then slid to his knees at Leo’s feet. He rested his head against Leo’s legs. “I’m sorry, Sir.”

Leo leaned down and took Luc’s hands, pulling him back to his feet and returning him to the couch. “Didn’t Elliott say we’re done with this?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Good.” He paused for a moment and glanced at Elliott, considered what he was about to do, and then looked back at Luc. “Now, I saw you thank Elliott. Don’t you think your Sir deserves some appreciation too?”

A grin crossed Luc’s face as he leaned over and kissed Leo without hesitation, which filled Leo with warmth even before Luc’s lips touched his. When they broke apart, Luc touched his forehead to Leo’s.

“Thank you, Sir. I love you.”

“You’re welcome, boy. I love you too.”

Love Comes in Threes is available for purchase on Amazon and as part of your Kindle Unlimited subscription.