#SpotlightSaturday: The Devil's Curse (Scions of the Underworld #2) by P. S. Scott [NSFW]


Today's #SpotlightSaturday shines down on P.S. Scott's The Devil's Curse, published back in January. This is the second book in the Scions of the Underworld series.

From the Blurb:

General Michael of Elysium is all that is honorable and pure. He has faithfully served his country after being betrayed and cursed by his best friend, Darius, during the Millennium War. But when the curse prevents him from getting his dream position in Elysium’s government, he has no choice except to seek out his old friend with whom he shares a complicated history.

Darius, powerful and silver-tongued, is branded a fallen angel after selling his country's secrets to the enemy. A member of Inferno’s court, he spends his days mindlessly pursuing pleasure, trying to forget the only man he loved— Michael. Until Michael shows up and demands that Darius reverse the curse he laid. Though Darius is reluctant, he needs Michael’s help and so, he agrees to a devil’s bargain. But the delicious attraction that burns between them might be too hard to resist.

Journeying through the country together, Darius and Michael learn more about each other’s secrets. When the feelings that they’ve been denying explode, the two angels discover that under layers of tension lies a deep love that could destroy everything they've worked for.

The Devil’s Curse is a slow-burn M/M fantasy romance featuring loads of sizzling tension, pining, steam, and a happy ending (HEA).


“Darius.” His voice emerged husky. Darius kissed his neck, his stubble scraping Michael. Their lower bodies ground together. There was something else that he wanted to do tonight. It was the thing that Darius had alluded to the last time. He’d thought about it all day, wondering and fearing the outcome. But he knew that he wanted to try. If he didn’t, he’d always regret it.


“I want to try what you mentioned last night.” At that, Darius’ mouth stilled. His head bobbed up and his heavy- lidded eyes took a moment to focus.

“I want you inside me,” he went on, finding his voice.

“Michael...” His eyes were shiny, his voice wobbly. It took a moment for his breathing to calm. “Are you sure?”

“Yes.” He’d never been surer about anything. This would be their parting gift. “Come inside me, Darius. Break me.”
“It might hurt. Do you—Are you ready for it?”

Michael untangled himself and reached for the bottle of oil that he’d procured that morning. He’d known he wanted this and so, he’d prepared. He handed it over to Darius who turned the glass bottle over with a smile. “You’re prepared.”

He wanted to bottle up the sight of those glittering emerald eyes and hold it in his heart forever. “I will return to Elysium someday. And when that happens, I want something to remember you by. I want to be marked by you. I want to be yours in a way I’ve never belonged to anyone else. Completely.”

Darius groaned. “You’re tempting me. I can’t say no to that.”

“That was the idea. I want you to make me come, Darius. Fuck me till I can’t walk straight. Isn’t that what you promised?”

The Devil's Curse is available on Amazon and as part of your Kindle Unlimited subscription.