Snare by Zoe Piper (Larkspur Book 1)

Heather says "I had the opportunity to get an ARC of Zoe Piper's second Larkspur book, Riff, and had a few extra minutes to catch up with the men of Larkspur with Snare, before I dove into the second book - and I'm very glad I did, because while each of the books follows a different character, they run on the same timeline and knowing what happened in this book makes the integration with book two much smoother!"  Janet read the book back when it came out and has allowed me to add her review to this post to give you a second opinion!

From the blurb:

Kellet James has few regrets in life, except maybe one. Jamie Larke. Walking away from their shared dreams of fame and fortune for responsibility and family was the hardest decision he’d ever had to make.

Seventeen years later, Jamie is back, offering Kellet the opportunity of a lifetime. Larkspur, the band they formed in high school, needs a new drummer for the last leg of their world tour.

With the help of a meddling teenager and with his best friends’ support, Kellet reluctantly agrees to Jamie’s offer, and is immediately thrown into a whirlwind of rehearsals and sold-out shows across North America. Adding to the maelstrom is the connection he and Jamie still share. A connection Jamie wants to rekindle.

Can Kellet and Jamie have a second chance at love, or are they destined to be a one-hit wonder?

Snare is a low(ish) angst, sweet with heat, second chance MM romance.

Janet's Review:

Fantastic!! I couldn’t put this down! Kellet and Jamie were once boyfriends as teenager. They created a band called Larkspur along with Liam and Seth. They get a contract but Kellet has responsibilities that he refuses to budge on (rightly so). Fast forward seventeen years and Larkspur needs a drummer. Kellet and Jamie had serious chemistry and a true connection. 

I loved everything about this story, especially Wil, Andi and Ro!! 

Sooo good!!

Rating: 5 Stars

Heather's Review:

This is what second chance romances should be - a little angst, a hidden trauma, a chance to reconnect (with a little forced proximity of touring together), a complicated backstory and a son on the cusp of adulthood cheering his old dad on - both musically and in his love life!

Snare was well paced, the world building was great and the hints that lead to the rest of the series are like breadcrumbs to nibble on as we walk Kellet and Jamie through their HEA and wonder just what will happen to the rest of the band!

Rating: 5 Stars

Snare is available in paperback and e-book formats and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited subscription