Room 307: A contemporary m/m mpreg romance by Trisha Linde

Room 307 was such a cute friends to lovers romance!

From the blurb:

Behind closed doors at The Scarlet Hotel, anything can happen… even the perfect mistake.

Omega Luke has been unlucky in love. No, unlucky doesn’t properly describe the train wreck that is his dating life. He swears he isn’t picky, but no matter what, he can’t seem to find the right alpha to make his heart go pitter-pat. If only he could find an alpha as patient as his best friend Jeremy, or as kind, funny, handsome… And when he and Jeremy have a little too much fun one night, he finds himself wondering if they could be something more.

Alpha Jeremy has always seen his best friend Luke as just one of the guys. They get along perfectly, and the fact that he’s an omega has never been a problem between them. There’s nothing Jeremy wants more than to see his friend happy, so after making a drunken mistake and crossing a line, he makes it his sole mission in life to find Luke the perfect man… who may or may not be him.

Room 307 is the fifth standalone book in the m/m mpreg romance series, The Scarlet Hotel , from bestselling author Trisha Linde. Each book features a new couple and begins and ends in a different room at The Scarlet Hotel. Room 307 revolves around a hopeless romantic looking for Mr. Right, a cynical alpha who believes he’s all wrong, and the best kind of mistake to open their eyes to the perfect future.

Angel's Review:

I want to start by saying I really enjoy friends to lovers stories, and that's what this one consisted of. 

Luke is an Omega who really wants to find his prince charming, he wants to find an alpha who will love and support him, and Luke wants to start a family, but all he keeps finding are frogs!

Jeremy is Luke's best friend, they grew up together and know a lot about one another. After yet another failed relationship Jeremy tries to cheer Luke up with a night out. But that might changed their relationship in a way neither of them expected. 

This story was really cute! I've really enjoyed the books in this series because the characters are always great. As is the writing. Communication is key, and these two men kept missing that memo, but they got there in the end. 

I really hope Tanner gets his own story at some point, he deserves his happily ever after too!

Rating: 5 Stars

Room 307 is available to buy in ebook and paperback formats.