Prancing With Daddy by Morticia Knight

Prancing With Daddy
kicks off the Pet Play by the Lake multi-author series and introduces us to Cody and Shane...

From the blurb:

Can a younger Daddy filled with sunshine encourage a grouchy boy to let his inner pony fly free?

A year has passed since the annual Pet Play by the Lake LGBTQ charity event in Tahoe. It’s time for another exciting weekend as pets from around the world arrive in search of a new Master or to show off their skills with their dream Daddy. As always, the no-nonsense Shane is tasked with overseeing the festivities.

Cody has dreamed of attending the pet play event for years. However, his duties as a ranch owner in Montana make it difficult to take time off for himself. One of his side hustles is making leather harnesses, collars and leashes for the kink community. What better excuse to attend than by renting a booth for the long weekend?

Once Cody spots the stern, older Shane, he recognizes in him a boy who needs to let go, to prance and romp. He also hopes Shane will give himself over to a firm and loving handler. Cody would happily apply for the job, but his advances are consistently rebuffed.

Will Shane’s scars from a humiliating relationship prevent him from finding the happiness he secretly craves with the carefree Cody? And will a long-distance relationship prove impossible for them to sustain?

Note: Prancing With Daddy is part of the Pet Play by the Lake multi-author, shared world series. You can expect plenty of snuggling, romping and playtime from a variety of adorable pets and their commanding Daddies and Masters. 

Heather's Review:

Spinning off from Command and Care book 6, Pretty Puppy (not required reading), we find ourselves reading more about Shane, an older boy who helps run the Pet Play boy the Lake event and Cody, a vendor, daddy and hopeful pony trainer looking for the right boy to take home.

Prancing With Daddy is a quick and easy read, featuring instant attraction and quick relationship building and a few very steamy scenes... it lays the groundwork for the multi-author series and is done before you want it to be...

I can't wait to see where the rest of the series takes us!

Rating: 4 Stars

SNik's Review:

Part of a multi-author series (Pet Play by the Lake) but all are standalone stories. D/s BDSM. Age gap. Instalove. Hurt/comfort. Quick read. Dual POV. 

Shane helps organize the annual Pet Play event every year, and no one looks beyond the efficient and stern man’s exterior, and Shane especially doesn’t let his inner pony out to play ever, not since being humiliated years ago. 

Cody is a rancher, making leather kink gear in his spare time, and he is instantly smitten with the older Shane who seems to be hiding his submissive nature. Cody and Shane only have a couple of days together, but Cody is committed to his feeling that Shane may be his person, and if he can get Shane to trust in him they could have something special together. 

I enjoyed Cody’s pursuit of Shane and his ability to get Shane to open up and give them a chance. Sweet, short read, with a hint of spice, this was a fun read.

Rating: 4 Stars

Prancing With Daddy is available as an ebook and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited subscription