Oh, Sacred Dark (Coven Ties book 1) by Marina Vivancos

A new series from Marina Vivancos that is a world of Dom's and subs and filled with magic and begins with Oh, Sacred Dark. Tyler is a caring Dom that finds that his suspicion of the newest resident of his coven is entirely wrong and instead he has an abused sub that could use his help.

From the blurb:

Tyler’s first priority is to protect his coven. Not because he’s the High Witch’s right-hand-man. Not because he was born a Dom. But because this is his home, and a protector is who he is.

When a new person is fostered by the coven, Tyler is immediately suspicious. Roman is a sub, sure, but his old coven is bad news. They’re all convicted of practicing Chaos Magic, so…why isn’t Roman?

Tyler is sure that Roman is up to no good. The sub refuses to integrate with the coven. Will avoid meals, barely leaves his room, doesn’t talk to anybody. There’s something wrong there, and Tyler won’t stop until he finds out what.

Turns out, there’s a lot more to Roman than meets the eye—a dark past that’s left scars he can’t even imagine. In the end, Roman might not be someone Tyler has to defend again…but someone he needs to protect.

Coven Ties takes place in a universe where magic exists, and everybody is born either a Dom or a sub. Oh, Sacred Dark contains themes of abuse and trauma with a focus on healing, love, and found family.

SNik's Review:

First in series (Coven Ties). Paranormal. Hurt/comfort. D/s world. Slow burn. Dual POV.

Tyler is suspicious of the new foster to his coven, after all Roman’s former coven thrived on dark magic, but he doesn’t realize that Roman is not hiding something evil; he is an abused and traumatized man. In a coven where he was the lowest of subs Roman has barely survived, and he believes making himself obedient and quiet is the way to survive in his new coven as well.

At first the lack of communication of course causes problems, but once Tyler exerts his caring Dom side to connect with Roman he is able to begin helping Roman live a new normal. There is therapy, friendship, healing and caring non-sexual scenes for Roman in a world where people have magical abilities and are recognized as a Dom or sub sometime in their teens.

I appreciated that this story took time for Roman to start to heal and recover himself as an individual, there was no magic love pill and the romance and intimacy was slow to build between Tyler and Roman. I enjoyed the interactions between Tyler and Roman, the shared time together building a relationship where both men have personal doubts but work to overcome their hesitancy and fears in order to be with the other.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Oh, Sacred Dark is available in e-book format and is available to read with your Kindle Unlimited Subscription.