Little Boy Blu: A Little Big Heart Daddy MM Romance by Wendy Rathbone

A successful attorney with an inner little and a Daddy looking for a special boy meet and find an especially perfect connection. Never having a chance to be in a Daddy/boy relationship, Blu and Maks are lucky enough to discover each other and build something that's a perfect fit.

From the blurb for Little Boy Blu:

I am one of the youngest defense attorneys at my firm. I have to believe in my clients even if they’re guilty sociopathic jerks. If they are truly innocent, I grieve hard if I can’t win their case. When I go home, I just want to relax. How I accomplish that is my deepest secret.

It comforts me every evening to enter into my “little” space, to go back to the days I had no worries except what crayon to use to color a dragon’s head, or if I want macaroni and cheese or dino-nuggets for dinner. Wrapping myself in soft flannel onesie jammies with feet and hugging my teddy while I watch cartoons gives me pleasurable warm fuzzies all over.

I know there are daddies out in the world who might enjoy a boy like me. But I feel self-conscious about my habits and routines. I’m way too shy to go out and meet anyone. And what if I’m found out by a client or co-worker? My career would end.

But when I go to interview my new client, Makson Ferridyn, my world turns upside-down. The youngest son of a former crime family, Maks is not really a criminal since he was too young to participate at the height of the family’s activities, but his name comes with a bad reputation. I shouldn’t notice him. Or care. He’s just another job.

Then, right after his hearing, I fumble with my phone in my pocket and out drops a candy pacifier ring pop. Maks leans over and picks it up. “Is this yours?” he asks.

I could lie. Or I could tell the truth. Either way, there is no going back from this moment.

Little Boy Blu is a Daddy/Boy MM romance with two men who know what they want but have never been able to show it until now. You’ll see a needy bottom boy, a daddy who has been love deprived, size difference, praise, stuffies with names, onesies with backflaps, a little who likes to be carried around the house, sweet bath times, generous caregiving and high heat (you’ll need a fan) in the bedroom. Guaranteed HEA. This book is the first of my Little Big Heart series, but each book is a standalone read.

SNik's Review:

First in series (Little Big Heart). Daddy/boy. Instalove. Quick read. Dual POV. 

As a young but successful defense attorney Blu is happy with his career and all his stress melts away when he can be at home in his little space, if only he could find a Daddy to take care of him. Maks has never had any criminal dealings with his shady family, and he keeps his accounting firm on the up and up, but a scuffle in a nightclub lands him in jail until Blu uses his expertise to help. 

Maks is stunned by the beautiful intelligent boy and stumbles upon the possibility that Blu may just be the boy Maks has been yearning for. Blu and Maks at first question whether they can meet each other's needs, but they seamlessly fall into a Daddy/boy relationship perfectly and are able to support each other inside and outside their private dynamic. 

There are sweet times, steamy times, and a quick build to a complementary relationship that allows both men to be their true selves and get everything they could have hoped for. A fun read to start this series.

Rating: 4 Stars

Little Boy Blu is available to buy as an ebook or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.


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