His Fae Lord, Folk of Vale #1 by Aramis Jordan

"Communication should be easy with a soulbond.....hmmm...not really......" Miki J read His Fae Lord and shares their review.

From the blurb:

Young nobleman Henry is shocked when a dark fae lord demands his hand in marriage in exchange for the protection of his family’s lands. Fae are dangerous, and the handsome stranger he’s supposed to share a marital chamber with is no exception.

Tradition demands that Henry obeys his new husband, Malorn. He’s ready to give into his demands, but Malorn shocks him when he doesn’t insist on Henry’s services in the bedchamber. On the contrary, he makes Henry wait. Malorn’s aloofness turns the tables and drives Henry wild with desire. Ready to explode with need, it’s up to Henry to seduce him through complete submission.

As Henry and Malorn explore their lust-fueled connection, they’re blind to the danger closing in on their homeland.

His Fae Lord is a 65,000 word MM arranged marriage romance in a vivid fantasy setting. It features an intense love story, plenty of steam and an age gap romance between an inexperienced young man and a centuries-old fae lord.

His Fae Lord is a standalone romance in the Folk of Vale series. HEA guaranteed!

Miki J's Review:

His Fae Lord is the first book I’ve read from this author and I was thoroughly entranced. Being Dark Fae, you’d think this book would be full of darkness and kink… but it’s not. It’s simply a tale of an arranged marriage, between a young and innocent Henry and an older dark fae Malorn (age gap big time!)… and what started as something one didn’t want becomes something more. 

I found this story to be very romantic with misunderstandings peppered throughout (even with the soulbond!!) and a light D/s dynamic – the storyline did focus on them but there seems to be the start of an ongoing plot.  

Very enjoyable book in a well developed fantasy setting – can’t wait for next installment.

Rating: 4 Stars

Nicole's Review:

The Folk of Vale and spin-off Orc Invasion series share such a creative background I was completely blown away. There is so many traditional Fae folklore and traditions included and woven in so that the reader feels familiar, but so many imaginative and exciting additions to keep you interested and wanting to learn more.  

I adored Malorn, who has reached the age where he wants to settle down and find a soulmate. A marriage of convenience with the house of Aranin will help him expand his power, extend the Autumn court, and get his hands on a human fort. The intriguing man that catches his eye is a surprisingly pleasant bonus. 

To be completely honest, Henry is not my favorite of Aramis' characters. He is very young and na├»ve.  That being said, he is perfect for Malorn. He helps tame Malorn's darkest urges, and is willing to indulge in them as well. As they grow together and their relationship develops, we get an insight into the inner-workings of the human families of Vale, and some preparation for the war that is to come.   

There is one clearly BDSM scene, but the majority of the spicy times are much more traditional, but be prepared to blush!!! 

This book sets an amazing start to a series that I cannot wait to get my hands on ASAP!

Rating: 5 Stars

His Fae Lord is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.