Forbidden Obsession, Paranormal Hunger #3 by Lee Colgin

"Why did you have to end this series, Lee? Why?! I'm going to miss this world and these characters." - Angel on Forbidden Obsession.

From the blurb:

Coyote shifter Rudy Winslow is adapting to life in a new city when he spots a man whose very presence steals his heart. The man is bewitching. Bewitching…and grumpy.

Samuel has no interest in the shifter who’s been following him around like a lovesick pup, even if he is adorable. Adorable…and persistent.

Born a vampire before the Great Wars, Samuel’s had plenty of time to make enemies. If he can’t best his latest foe, it’ll be Rudy who pays the price. Samuel doesn’t do relationships—and he won’t bend the rules for Rudy—but that doesn’t mean he wants the coyote hurt.

Stuck with Samuel as the vampire plots revenge, Rudy leaps at the chance to win over his reluctant mate. But can they harness the power of their fated bond, or will Samuel’s dark past overcome the future they’ve yet to claim?


Forbidden Obsession is a MM urban fantasy/paranormal romance and the third book in the Paranormal Hunger Series, but can be enjoyed as a standalone. This book was previously published as Forbidden Need by Lee Colgin. It’s been revised and re-edited though the love story remains unchanged.

Angel's Review:

I have been waiting for Samuel's story; we, as readers, have seen glimpses of him in the previous two books, especially in Benjamin's book. Ben is Samuel's best friend so we got to know Sam's character a bit more in Ben's story, and I've needed to know more about Sam ever since... We finally got Sam's story y'all!! 

I'm so excited, if you can't tell. Okay so... This book is unfortunately the final installment in this incredible series, that I'm not so excited about... But! What a way to end the series. (Minor spoiler) Everyone got a happy ending and things were wrapped up with a sweet bow. 

It was nice to see Sam get his own happily ever after, he deserved it after all the horrific things he was subjected to. And yes, his job was one where he had to be ruthless and brutal, but that didn't necessarily make him a bad person.  Even though he doesn't believe he deserves to be happy, or that he could make anyone happy, Rudy shows him differently. 

Rudy... Sweet, sweet, Rudy. I loved his character! He was such a great contrast to Sam's character in all the right ways. Sunshine to Sam's grumpy, caring to Sam's aloofness. I really enjoyed how Lee made Rudy work for his relationship with Sam. It was not an easy feat to win over the grumpy vampire but Rudy did it slowly, and cautiously. Not to mention Rudy listened and respected Sam's boundaries... Most of them anyway. 

Forbidden Obsession, like the others in the series, was very well written. It was like you could not only picture the events as they were happening but you could also picture Rudy's coyote because of the attention to detail. When authors take their time to really flesh out a story, and to make sure everything fits and works well, you can tell they put that work in. And you can definitely tell Lee did that with this story. 

Even though Sam's character was a bit harsh at time he eventually developed a soft spot for Rudy, and let Rudy into his life. Even though it terrified him. As sad as I am to see this series come to an end, I'm really glad it ended with Sam. 

Overall a really great story, with characters that at first glance shouldn't go together, but end up being what each other needs. And those action scenes?? It was like a movie! 

Rating: 5 Stars

SNik's Review:

Third in series (Paranormal Hunger), but can be read as a standalone. Paranormal. Fated mates. Hurt/comfort. Grumpy/sunshine. Slow burn. Dual POV. 

Coyote shifter Rudy is new to town but when he sees a beautiful vampire at the local bar he immediately recognizes him as his mate. Unfortunately, Samuel has no interest in getting to know Rudy, Samuel has overcome a traumatic past and has lived decades without any kind of intimate relationship and only a few people he can call his friends. Luckily Rudy is persistent and Samuel cannot explain his need to protect the young shifter, unless they really are fated mates. D

escriptive backgrounds explain Rudy and Samuel’s personal motivations, especially Samuel’s reluctance to be in a relationship. Some action, some steam, and some sweetness from a smitten Rudy who slowly breaks down Samuel’s barriers to allow them to comfort and care for each other. 

I wish there was more getting-to-know-you communication, but I really enjoyed all the interactions between Rudy and Samuel as they accepted their mate. Both characters had their own strengths and complemented each other with different types of support and acceptance. 

This whole series was fun and entertaining.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Forbidden Obsession is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.