Everett and the Wolf, Land and Sea #2 by Vinni George

"Everett and the Wolf is the best and cutest shifter story I've read in a long time, I'm excited to read more about these characters!" - Angel.

From the blurb:

What happens when fate intertwines shifters from land and sea?

Dr. Everett Voda loves a challenge, which is why he’s spent his entire medical career traveling the world, helping shifters in remote areas. There has rarely been a problem he can’t solve, but Merritt Lucas might be the exception to that rule. Everett can’t figure out what’s wrong with Merritt, and his attraction to the younger wolf is starting to become a distraction, especially since they are about to spend a lot of time alone together.

Merritt doesn’t have much going for him. He doesn’t have a pack. He doesn’t have a secondary gender scent. And he’s fallen hopelessly head over heels for an alpha he can’t have. But that doesn’t stop him from taking Everett up on his offer to see the world and experience some of the shifter cultures Merritt has only read about.

But Everett has hidden motives for the trip, and big changes are on the horizon for Merritt and Everett, changes that will either drive them apart or bond them for life.

Everett and the Wolf is book two in the Land and Sea shifter MPREG series featuring an alpha beluga whale who thinks he has everything he wants, a lone wolf who needs a pack, a whirlwind worldwide adventure, and delicious double knotting. While there is MPREG in this world—and cute babies in this story—Everett and Merritt’s family expands in a different way.

Angel's Review:

I want to start by saying I didn't read the book that came before this one. I entered this book completely new, so... Having said that I can definitely say you can read this as a standalone. It's truly amazing! 

Everett is a beluga whale shifter who is also an OBGYN for shifters, he travels to different regions to help different shifters through their pregnancies.  He's had a crush on Merritt for quite some time but doesn't know what to do about it. Especially when the younger shifter is struggling with his wolf and his identity. 

Merritt is a wolf shifter who's struggling with his identity, he hasn't developed a secondary gender like most shifters do and he also can't shift like others. It's involuntary and completely random. He likes Everett a lot but doesn't believe the older shifter would like him since he's so 'messed up'.  Until Everett not only shows him different regions and shifter traditions, but he also took him to a pack where he finally belonged, and the most important of all, Everett constantly shows him how much he's loved. 

I've read a lot of paranormal shifter stories, I really enjoy reading them. And for a book to have fated mates? I'm bound to like it. This book? I loved! The writing was phenomenal and the attention to detail was astounding! There was so much attention to detail surrounding background information as well as characters's profiles. The chapters that featured Demetra and her people's traditions and values, along with how their people work in society was so unique! 

I've never read a book that has had a beluga whale shifter before, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. The aspect of Merritt's wolf being locked away and uncontrollable was really interesting to read about, and the only way to rectify that was to join a pack and form a pack bond. That was so unique and I love when a book is unique all on its own, I could not compare this to amy other book out there. 

And Theo?... He was so cute. You'll know what I mean once you read this yourself. 

I'm really looking forward to Dom's story!

Rating: 5 Stars

Jacqueleen the Reading Queen's Review:

Ever since we met Merritt and Everett in book 1, Jonah and the Narwhal, I was excited to get their story. You knew there was a pull there and after finishing book 2 now we know why. The real issue was figuring out the what, as in what is wrong with Merritt that he's forcibly shifting into his wolf and then being unable to shift back at will. As a doctor, Everett is intrigued by this mystery, along with the fact that Merritt has never presented with his secondary gender. In his mid 20's, Merritt should have presented well before now. Merritt has been living under the assumption that his asshole uncle who raised him and told him he was just a strange beta was correct. As you can tell I really don't like said Uncle and that isn't the only reason. Merritt is such a lovely soul and it broke my heart how hard he'd already had it in his young life.

Thankfully things start to look up when Everett convinces Merritt to travel abroad with him. These two have the chance to get to know one another without having Jonah and his Narwhal as a buffer. It's actually kind of cute how everyone they meet can tell these two are meant for each other except for them. Obliviousness table for two! Once the blinders come off, and well a lot more stuff occurs, these fated mates move full speed ahead in building their life together. Also, it has to be said how freaking romantic the mating of Beluga Whales is.

"You are my heart echo. No matter where you go from now on, whether we are next to each other or miles apart, I will be able to feel and hear your heartbeat as part of mine.

See what I mean? Seriously swoonworthy. We do get to meet the MCs of the next book and I have a feeling that one is going to be a bit less romantic and a lot more heated. Enemies to lovers is the trope and if you follow my reviews you all know how much I eat that shit up. I can't wait to see how all that anger and UST plays out.

Rating: 5 Stars

Everett and the Wolf is available to buy as a paperback and an ebook and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription