Duke Sothbridge's Vessel, (Duty & Magic: MM Modern Day Regency) by S. Rodman

Desperate to marry Colby accidentally traps the wrong man into proposing. Duke Sothbridge is not know for being kind, but perhaps Colby can get him to care, just a little. A sweet virgin and a Duke that is not as cold and unfeeling as he seems. Duke Sothbridge's Vessel is part of the Duty & Magic series.

From the blurb:

Tricking the wrong man into an arranged marriage isn’t the smartest thing I’ve ever done.

My name is Colby Witherington. It’s 2023 but I still live in a world of lords & ladies, balls & arranged marriages. It’s all very regency, except men marry men & magic is involved.

Desperate times called for desperate measures. I’m twenty-one and still unwed. Vessels are always married to a mage on their eighteenth birthday. It’s tradition. One I want to take part in. I long to surrender my body and my magic to a mage.

But when I was seventeen my first fiance got himself killed in a car crash, days before our wedding. Leaving me in this mess. I’ve tried everything and it’s been years.

So tricking the lovely Duke Rakewell into a compromising situation at a ball is my last option.

But it’s Duke Sothbridge who falls into my trap and is forced to propose to me.

Evil, cruel Duke Southbridge who ravished Lord Garrington’s vessel on a balcony and fought a duel over it.

Him. I’m engaged in an arranged marriage to him.

What on earth am I going to do?

Duke Sothbridge's Vessel contains arranged marriage, first times, grumpy/sunshine, angst, intimacy based magic and a regency inspired alternate world.

Books in the Duty & Magic series can be enjoyed as standalones or read in any order.
Please note, this book contains content that some readers may find disturbing. If required, please use the ‘Look Inside’ feature to view the copyright page for further details. Alternatively, please visit the author’s website.

SNik's Review:

Fourth in series (Duty & Magic), it can be read as a standalone but might be more enjoyable if read in order as there is an overarching storyline and shared characters in the series. Paranormal. Arranged marriage. Primarily single POV. 

Colby is a magic vessel that wants to be married, wants to give his magic to a mage via sex, and hopefully as often as possible. When his plans to trap one man accidentally cause him to be married to another he is still hopeful, even though Duke Harry Sothbridge is known to be a wicked rake. Colby is sweet and positive even in the face of Harry’s cold and uninterested behavior. However, as time passes there are glimpses of Harry being caring, repentant, and having experienced abuse in his own past, and Colby is committed to building a true relationship with his husband. 

There is loyalty, treachery, redemption, and friendship in this story which made it an enjoyable read, with all the expected steamy interactions S. Rodman is known for.

Rating: 4.25 Stars

Jacquie's Review:

Once I started Duke Sothbridge's Vessel, I couldn't put it down. I made myself stop at one point so I could do something else, but I went straight back to it.

I loved poor bumbling Colby from the outset. I'd liked him from the other books, but here he really shone. Harry was a great character and I enjoyed his tortured pov chapters, though there weren't many, because they gave insight into the man.

Obviously, there is steam and a magical toy that was put to good use!

The overarching plot continued and had some resolution but the story can be enjoyed as a standalone.

Cannot wait for Jem's book!

Rating: 5 Stars

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