Dirty Deed, (Daddies' Broken Boys Book 1) by Gianni Holmes

Noah has always had a crush on his father's work partner, he knows Sawyer could be the best Daddy. Sawyer is definitely tempted by Noah and wants to help the boy reach his potential by giving him support with work and house rules. When they spend time together there is no chance they won't fall for each other and they are able to overcome a lot to get their HEA.

From the blurb for Dirty Deed:

Noah Burgess is off limits.

He’s too young for me.

He’s my law firm partner’s only child.

And he’s a whole lot of trouble in a pint-sized package.

But he’s also vulnerable and carries around a wounded heart disguised by dirty deeds and poor judgment.

When he is expelled from college for an inappropriate relationship with his professor, he winds up living at my home for two weeks.

Just enough time for him to get under my skin.

Noah Burgess is fighting demons, and I can no longer stand by while he does it alone. But when my own world puts him in danger, do I let him go or keep him even closer to me?

Dirty Deed first appeared in the Dirty Daddies Pride anthology 2021. It has been expanded with more than 20k words and sets up the next two books in the series.

SNik's Review:

First in series (Daddies Broken Boys). Daddy/boy. Age gap. POC representation. Close proximity. Dual POV. 

Expelled from college for sleeping with a professor, Noah is temporarily housed and under the supervision of his father’s law partner when he returns home. Sawyer is used to handling sassy boys, and Noah definitely pushes all his Daddy buttons, but he can’t have a relationship with his work partner’s son. 

Sawyer manages to help guide Noah, giving him work and rules to obey at home, but Noah wants more with Sawyer and never gives up hope that Sawyer will want to be his Daddy. Both men can’t resist each other and they have some very steamy interactions that quickly lead to feelings of love. 

There is a lot going on in the story outside of the relationship with Sawyers work, his family, and Noah’s past catching up to him, along with the issue of Noah’s father’s acceptance of their relationship. 

Overall an entertaining read, the best parts are when Noah and Sawyer are alone together. Great start to a new series.

Rating: 4.25 Stars

Dirty Deed is available to buy as an ebook or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.