Damien, Federal Protection Agency #6 by Eve Riley

"This book was soo good! Action, romance, and... Suspense!" - Angel read an ARC of Damien, book 6 in the Federal Protection Agency.

From the blurb:

It takes three to make life go right…

Private Investigator Damien Anderson and his younger brother watched in horror as their parents were
killed in cold blood by the head of the mafia. Eye witnesses to a crime boss suspected in multiple homicides and a major gun trafficker, they have spent the last fifteen years in the Witness Protection program.

A teddy bear at heart, Damien can be sweet and kind but the moment anyone puts the people he loves at risk, he has no problem becoming lethal. Working with the FPA, the brothers find themselves at a crossroads when their past starts to catch up to them. Do they tell the men in the Agency the truth, or run once more and leave behind everyone they've come to think of as family?

Ex FBI Agent Max Morris is a man with a darker personality and a deadly skill set, who just happens to be the very definition of vigilante justice… and he has no issue with admitting it. Fed up with tracking down some of the worst repeat offenders only for the court to let them go on technicalities, Max quit the FBI and took matters into his own hands. He doesn’t regret a moment of it. Someone has to take the predators like his father off the street.

Travis Manning is a social worker and the newest member of the FPA task force. He is in his element helping to find safe haven homes for the children in need. The shy, secretive, non-social man suffers from low self-esteem, which isn’t helped when he seems to always end up dating men who are in the closet and keep him as their dirty secret. Travis always feels like he isn’t good enough, until he’s caught between Max and Damien. Literally.

When Travis’ abusive ex shows up in Baton Rouge and proves he's a risk to the sweet man they love, what lengths will Max and Damien go to in order to keep Travis safe forever?

Angel's Review:

Wow, that's my first thought after finishing this book. I was beyond shocked by this book, it was so good!! I didn't know how Max, Damien, and Travis would work, but Eve Riley made them fit together perfectly! At first this book starts off slow, but then gradually picks up. My heart hurt reading about what Travis went through, but let's be honest. All three of these men have been through a lot of trauma, my heart hurt the whole time reading about their backstories, but their stories were really well written. The background detail was great, they investigated a lot of houses and there were details about them all.  

This book was really well written, the mysteries surrounding Sebastian and Damien, Baxter hunting down Travis, and Max being a vigilante. There was so much detail and depth! 

I really hope Sebastian gets his own story at some point, I really want to read a book from his point of view. 

There was one thing I was confused by, and that was the Italian mob being after Damien and Sebastian. It was mentioned that they were still being tracked, but then nothing else happened in the story to give the feeling that they were still being tracked by the mob. But other than that, I really enjoyed the story and the characters. 

Rating: 5 Stars

Damien is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.