Cover Reveal and Exclusive Excerpt: Bring Me Home by Annabeth Albert (Safe Harbor)

So excited to be able to share this amazing cover for Annabeth Albert's next release Bring Me Home, the first book in the Safe Harbor series and the perfect time to try a new author if you haven't read Annabeth Albert before!  

Bring Me Home releases on April 27th and will be available to read in Kindle Unlimited



I’ve inherited my aunt’s historic house in small-town Oregon, and I need to fix it up and sell it fast before I move on to my big city dreams. I’m one of the navy’s best investigators, but twenty years of living in base housing means DIY isn’t part of my extensive skill set.

Luckily, my best friend has the solution: his twenty-three-year-old son. Knox recently graduated from college, needs a room for the summer, and comes with a giant cat and years of remodeling experience.

Not only is Knox all grown up and hot as sin, but I recognize him. He’s the bossy, bearded guy I shared the hottest kiss of my life with. No way can my buddy find out I’ve got it bad for his son. But with all the stripping, hammering, and drilling, my defenses crumble one dance break at a time.

As our sexy secret summer fling continues, Knox also proves himself handy at fixing my grumpy mood and wounded heart. Now I can’t imagine a future without him. I can solve any problem the navy throws at me, but I have no clue what to do about loving Knox or the damage this could do to my decades-long friendship.

Can we build a forever together, or are we destined to go our separate ways?

BRING ME HOME is a small-town Dad’s-best-friend MM romance. It features a forty-something grumpy former naval investigator, a much younger ray of sunshine, a matchmaking cat, sexy times in unusual locations, enough heat to burn the neighborhood, and a warm fuzzy hug’s worth of found-family feels. Dual point-of-view and big fluffy HEA guaranteed!

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“Maybe a dance break won’t hurt,” he said so softly I strained to hear him. “Just one dance.”

“Aye, aye, Lieutenant.” I chuckled because I was down with whatever he needed to convince himself. For all our differences, we shared surprisingly similar musical tastes and had easily agreed on a playlist. Monroe moved like he and the music were in spiritual communion, as though he truly enjoyed dancing for the sake of dancing. Of course, he’d needed a little coaxing to let go, but once he started moving, he quickly found a rhythm, body undulating like he’d physically melded with the tune.

No awkward swaying or shuffling from him. His sultry movements kept a healthy distance between us, but there was a clear invitation there, a seductive give and take as we moved closer. Slowly, we morphed from dancing near and around each other to dancing together, bodies brushing, hands tangling, the scent of his shampoo overpowering the dust we’d stirred up while clearing the room. He filled my every sense—clean scent, warm skin, the rasp of his khaki shorts against mine, the soft cotton of his gray T-shirt, his strong grip when his hands finally found my hips.

“Damn. The way you move.” He made a noise like he wasn’t sure whether to be pleased or annoyed at how well we fit together.

“You’re not so bad yourself, old man.” Tone teasing, I met his gaze, letting him know I saw him as anything but old right then.

“Old, huh?” He pulled me snugger against him, and I adjusted to the closer grind with a happy sound. He made me feel closer to flying than dancing, high on him and the song. I’d always loved dancing, but he took it to the next level. Forget one song, I wanted to keep dancing until the stars came out, wanted all future work breaks to involve moving with this man exactly like this.

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