Cover Reveal and Excerpt: X Marks the Spot by Kit Barrie

Who better than Kit Barrie to take on a retelling of Treasure Island, with a M/M Twist?  Check out this beautiful cover, blurb and excerpt of X Marks the Spot, coming to your Kindle on May 26th (pre-order now or grab it in Kindle Unlimited on release day) or add it to your reading list on Goodreads.

From the blurb:

Where there is gold, there is also blood..

Beset by bad luck and alone in the world, young Jamie Davis is taken in by widowed antiquities dealer, Squire Harrington. Trapped in debt, the squire decides to risk everything to find the buried treasure of the notorious pirate, Captain Charles Locke, and he and Jamie set off on a whirlwind adventure on the high seas!

Entranced by the handsome Captain Ambrose and befriended by the mysterious one-legged cook, Silas Cross, Jamie wonders if good fortune has finally smiled on him. But there is more to their hired crew than meets the eye. Jamie learns that not every cloud has a silver lining, and trust can be worth its weight in gold.

Will Jamie be able to escape the clutches of the pirates, find the treasure, and return home alive? And if he does, can he ever trust someone with his heart again?

X Marks the Spot is an M/M retelling of the classic tale Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson.

The Queerly Classic Collection is a reimagining of classic stories, with an M/M twist. They contain adult language and situations and are not intended for children.

Unedited Excerpt:

Squire Harrington leaped to his feet with the agility of a man half his age, throwing his arms around me and spinning us in a mad circle while he shouted with joy. “We’re saved! Oh, Jamie, we’re saved!” he said, releasing me and doing a few steps of a jig. “You are brilliant, and you shall have all that you deserve!”

“Sir, I don’t understand,” I said, desperate to have some answers from him as his feet tapped on the wooden planks in a merry dance. “What is this?”

Squire Harrington stopped dancing and held up the map for me to see. “Do you remember I told you about Captain Locke?”

I nodded, still not understanding what I was meant to know.

The squire pointed to the corner of the map. Inscribed were 2 letters. C and L. “Charles Locke,” he said. “One of the most notorious and vicious pirates to ever sail these waters. He captured several frigates full of gold and treasures headed for the European mainland. But when he died, he had not a single coin on him. For many years it was said that he buried his treasure on an island and planned to return one day to find it, and he created a single map that showed the location of that treasure.” The squire waved the map again. “This is that map!”

I still had so many questions, but the squire seemed beyond paying attention to me now, studying the map with great intent. “We shall have to rent a ship and a crew, of course, of a trustworthy nature, but that should not be too hard. Long have I dreamed of a life at sea, though it would have been much better in my younger years. Oh, Jamie, what excitement we shall have!” And he did another dancing step before sobering. “Come, we must away to the docks.”


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