Cover Reveal and Excerpt - Living in the Past by (The Ties That Bind Us book 1) by S. K. Graves

Living With The Past by S. K. Graves is the first book in a new series, The Ties That Bind Us and will release as an e-book and as part of your kindle unlimited subscription on November 23rd, 2023!



I have always dreamed of having a place I could call home, a place where I could be wanted and loved. But what if that fantasy quickly becomes my worst nightmare?

I have watched from the shadows for years, pretending to be unaffected by the depraved sickness etched into my soul. Like a moth to the flame, I was drawn to his light, and I protected him from the darkness he knew nothing about. 

My fa├žade is crumbling; my toxic truth shattering the illusion I carefully crafted. I have loved him in secret for years, but my toxic obsession demands to be heard.

As my darkest secrets threaten to come to life, I feel like I’m living on borrowed time and have nothing left to lose. 

Sometimes, the truth is the most dangerous reality of all.


There is an age-old adage that the blood of the covenant is stronger than the water of the womb; yet despite this, there exists an empty void in my heart where a missing piece should be.

He is that lost piece; my stepbrother, the anchor of my soul, everything I shouldn’t want. For years, I’ve kept my twisted desire locked away, denying it even to myself, even with his name written on my heart like a brand.

The world I once knew shatters like glass around me, my childhood home becoming a house of secrets, pain, and lies. In the ruins of destruction, I’m forced to confront the truths I’ve been blind to.

Everything I’ve ever wanted is within my grasp. Why, then, does it feel like my dream is living on borrowed time?

Maybe, just maybe, blood was always thicker than water…


“What the fuck, Rhys? You’re just gonna walk away from me? Again?”

“You didn’t want to speak to me for two years, so why should I bother now?”

“No, you’re right. I haven’t spoken to you in years,” I shout at his retreating form, an almost whimsical lilt lifting my words, “but my heart has bled for you every second that’s passed.” I inhale a shaky breath of bitterly cold air that steals my voice and stings my lungs as if it were a dagger to the heart. “B-but my soul, my soul has talked to yours every night in my dreams,” I all but whisper. The insufferable ache in the back of my skull manifests as a deluge of pain and my eyes begin to leak. Acidic tears burn trails down my cheeks. 

I turn on my heels and stalk into the night’s dark embrace, insanity my only friend. The grass is littered with leaves and small twigs that crack and crunch under my boots like bones, breaking the heavy silence that has blanketed the forest. My breath fogs the air as the warm particles are suspended and the world starts to close in around me, the blackness walling me in. Trapping me. 


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