Cat's Chance in Hell, Charm City Chronicles, Book 2 By: Meghan Maslow Narrated by: Greg Boudreaux

"Fun and Entertaining. This story was action packed, and the characters are great!" - Alyssagp on Cat's Chance in Hell.

From the blurb:

When a feline fatale meets his magical match, Baltimore might just go up in flames.

I, Carter Strike, Siamese shifter extraordinaire and a powerful demon’s right-hand cat—er, man—have a job to do. My boss’ boy toy is in the crosshairs of an unknown assassin. And when my boss is unhappy, all of Charm City burns.

That’s where I come in. Intel is my specialty, and it leads me to the doorstep of one drop-dead gorgeous but annoyingly secretive rakshasa.

Bengal Damon-Cowles—even his name is obnoxious—runs Southwest Baltimore and is nothing if not frustratingly contrary. I don’t care if he is a demi-god among shifters, I don’t need the complications from a sexy-as-sin rakshasa with the utter gall to turn down a fine piece of feline-fantasy like myself. Especially when we’re forced to work together. Except every day we spend in close proximity turns up the heat between us.

A roomful of secrets, a looming Nor'easter, and friends with questionable—or nonexistent—morals add gasoline to the blaze. As the stakes climb ever higher and people start dying, I’ve got a cat’s chance in hell of coming out of this one unscorched.

Cat’s Chance in Hell is a 113,000-word snarktastic size-difference forced-proximity enemies-to-lovers car-careening-out-of-control romance with a guaranteed happy ending and lots of steam. Shenanigans include: a catnapping gone very, very wrong, a hot pot incident that will go down in infamy, and a rakshasa with more layers than a Smith Island cake.

Can be absolutely be enjoyed as a stand-alone, but would be more enjoyable listened to in order.

Alyssagp's Review:

This story was so much fun! Cat’s Chance in Hell was action packed with a bit of an enemies to lovers trope. Carter Strike was snarky and sarcastic while Bengal Damon-Cowles was serious and also sarcastic.

The relationship between Carter and Bengal was snarky and both of them had entertaining banter.

I enjoyed the plot and the progression of the storyline. Greg Boudreaux did a great job embodying the characters.

Rating: 4.25 Stars

Cat's Chance in Hell is available to buy from Audible.