A Destined Christmas Miracle, All Access #1 by Jaiyde Thomas

Comfort and care grows trust and affection. Colin survives an horrific assault and when Stephen wants to help him offering friendship and safety and eventually a D/s relationship can they overcome all of Colin's fears to be together?

From the blurb for A Destined Christmas Miracle:

Welcome to All Access, a new BDSM club that promotes inclusivity. When you step through these doors, you are bound to find equality, acceptance, and even… love.
For the past year all I’ve known is heartbreak, and going to All Access was supposed to be a distraction from the pain. However, when I see my former play partner happy and in love, I flee the club, vowing never to return. 
Leaving Ohio and travelling to Alabama for a few days should help me to clear my head and help me to forget, but no amount of beautiful scenery, hot men, and southern accents could prepare me for what awaited me at the hardcore BDSM club, Flame of Fury. 
When I wake to find myself in my hotel room, I’m reeking of vomit and in extreme pain. Nothing makes sense, except for the vaguely familiar man who promises to never leave my side, even after I tell him what I remember. 
As I try to put my life back together, Stephen's loyalty, belief, and kindness never wavers, but can I trust him after all that I've endured? 
I've never allowed my blindness to hinder me, and that includes my sex life. As a Dominant, my primary goal is to fulfill the needs of my play partners. 
When a heartbroken submissive asks for a scene, my instincts are on alert as I agree, but after ten spankings, Colin flees, and I'm left wondering about the boy with an ache in my heart.
A year later All Access opens, and I'm excited by the prospect of a club that caters to the disabled. More than that, I'm hoping to see Colin again. However, my joy is short-lived, because Colin is in trouble. When I see him respond to an ad that screams DANGER, I refuse to wait around. With a friend in tow I set out to rescue him, but we find him too late: He's bruised, battered, and alone.
His injuries and trauma are too much for him to bear so I agree to help him through it, but as altruism turns into guiding, nurturing, and training, I can't help but wonder about the future. 
But can I be what Colin needs after all that he’s endured? This book is intended for readers ages 18+!

SNik's Review:

First in series (All Access). BDSM. Hurt/comfort. High angst. Slow/no burn. Disability representation. Dual POV. Heed content warnings. 

Happy to be a high school janitor, Colin is struggling with a recent heartbreak that unfortunately leads him to an unfamiliar club and getting horribly taken advantage of. 

Stephen is a blind computer coder and Dom and had met Colin once and felt an instant connection, so much so that he goes out of his way to help Colin return home and recover from his assault without knowing much about Colin. 

Stephen is there to support Colin, suggests therapy and even offers a D/s dynamic to ground Colin, and eventually Colin becomes very dependent on Stephen for his mental and emotional wellness. 

This is a long, heavy story about healing, relearning trust, unconditional caring and how the presence of another person can become the most important thing in your life. 

Rating: 3.5 rounded up

A Destined Christmas Miracle is available to buy in ebook and hardback formats.