Trapped with a Vampire by M.M. Wilde

Trapped with a Vampire is a novella about a grumpy old vampire and a scared fruit bat shifter. 

From the blurb:

Being shunned by vampires is one thing. Being eaten by them is another. Is rare shifter Jeremy about to
be added to the menu? On his way to the Swiss Alps for a holiday, Jeremy spots a hot vampire who appears as if he’s devouring him with his eyes. He can't tell if the undead creature wants to bed or drink him. Marcel finds himself captivated by a beautiful young man about to board his train. Why is he so drawn to this mysterious passenger? Regardless, Marcel must discover who he is before his clanmates tear apart a potential mate.

Trapped with a Vampire is a steamy, mpreg short story with a sweet HEA. You can expect a cranky Alpha vampire, a flustered vegetarian shifter and a knotty good time.

Angel's Review:

When I read the description of this, I was really excited. A vampire fated mate romance? Yes, please!! Marcel is an older vampire, and he has been saving his emotions and connections to share with his fated mate. And he found him on a train platform, then his mate ended up boarding the same train as him. 

Jeremy is a fruit bat who's going to France for a vacation. He has no other family aside from his sister, who lives in Hawaii. He's not an island person. When he sees a vampire boarding the same train he is, he's terrified. For centuries he's been told that vampires kill fruit bats, so he tries to keep his distance. However, that doesn't work that well for him. 

I enjoyed this story. Sven was a great side character to break up the gruff demeanor of Marcel. I have never read a book that has a fruit bat in it; I found that really interesting. I wish we would've gotten a scene of Jeremy being in his shifted form. That would've been awesome. 

The relationship between these two felt a bit rushed and forced, but it was still a good read. 

Overall, a quick, short novella. 

Rating: 3.5 Stars

Trapped with a Vampire is available to buy as an ebook or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.