Trading In Blood (Blood #5) by Brea Alepoú

While I'm sad to see the Blood series end, Trading In Blood was the perfect finale, and a sign that there's more to come within that world.

From the blurb:

Rheland is the king of vampires and in these trying times, he is reminded that ruling with fear alone isn’t good enough. People change and Rheland is the embodiment of that. He knows his past isn’t the cleanest but he wants to spend the rest of his eternity trying to clear off a spot.

Lynk needs housing for his pack and Rheland wants the man closer. A win-win. What's a little trade in order to get what he truly desires? Except it’s not just Lynk. There is also a beta that tests Rheland’s resolve, twins that are constantly hot and cold, and the last thing Rheland expected was a human that reminds him of his first love.

A vampire king who has everything but love, a werewolf alpha who never wanted to lead his own pack stuck in a fathering role, a bloodthirsty beta werewolf, brothers who need a strong hand, and a human who only wants to understand the supernatural.

Trading in Blood is book 5 in the Blood Series. Each duet is a new group set, but the overall story needs to be read in order. This is a multiple partner story Rheland will have more than one love interest and is considered a dark paranormal romance. There will be plenty of blood, carnage, screaming, tears, and love.

Jacquie's Review:

I was lucky enough to get a free copy from the author of Trading In Blood, as they were handing out copies just before release. Sadly, I didn't have time to read it before it came out, but I made it my priority this week to review it as a thank you. So, thank you, Brea Alepoú for the copy! Here are my thoughts:

There's a certain type of symmetry that a series that began with a werewolf with several vampire lovers ends with a vampire king and his werewolf (and a human) lovers that left me with a warm feeling, especially with the animosity between the vampires and werewolves that had continued for centuries.

I've enjoyed each of the Blood books and appreciated how this one was lighter in feel to the others. There was a real sense of closing a chapter on the story arc from the previous books, and moving ahead with the hybrid children and the difficulties that they might face as they grow and deal with their abilities. Rheland's initial reaction to those children is the main point of conflict between him and Lynk, the alpha of the Crescent Moon pack. They have a troubled past, but Lynk knows he can turn to Rheland for help.

As this is the end of the series, it's necessary to read what's come before, this book cannot be read as a standalone. Even though Finney doesn't make an on page appearance, he is mentioned and events from his books are discussed.

I loved that the series that started with Karter has him weaving throughout. He's my favourite! His visits to the pack were great, as was his evolving relationship with Rheland.

Watching Rheland evolve over the book was a joy and, like him, I can't wait for Karter's wedding to his vampires, though maybe for different reasons!

Rheland was such a treat! He was the antithesis of what you would expect the king of vampires to be and the setting up of the contract was just sooo good!

Each of the wolves, and Ace, the lone human, were all interesting with different relationships with Rheland which provided him with something that he needed emotionally.

I really did love how this ended. It was satisfying but open enough to return to at a later date, perhaps when the children are grown.

Rating: 5 Stars

Trading In Blood is available to buy as an ebook or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.