The Bucket List by Toby Wise

"Griffin and Nolan. This story! I adored it! The Bucket List had me in my feelings from the get and I love that not all stories need something bad to happen before a happy ending can occur." - Lori C.

From the blurb:

Can a bucket list make two people realize they belong together?

Griffin has been in love with his neighbor since the day he moved in and Nolan showed up at his doorstep with baked goods. Since then, his feelings have only grown stronger, but he’s never voiced them, too afraid of losing his best friend.

While drinking the night before Valentine’s Day, the two devise a plan. Nolan writes a bucket list of things he’s always wanted to do with a partner and Griffin volunteers to make that bucket list happen. Having one day as Nolan’s fake mate is better than never experiencing it at all, right? At least that’s what Griffin tells himself.

Could this bucket list ruin their friendship? Or will it finally open their eyes to the feelings they’ve both been hiding from each other?

The Bucket List is a low angst alpha/omega story without mpreg. Inside you’ll find so much pining, a raccoon shifter, an alpha wolf, best friends to lovers, Valentine’s Day fluff, and of course a happily ever after.

Lori C's Review:

Griffin is a wolf shifter who has been in love with his neighbor Nolan ever since he brought cookies when he moved into his home. Nolan is an omega raccoon shifter and is also in love with his best friend. Neither of them was brave enough to tell the other how they felt. It takes a little liquid courage and a bucket list from Nolan to ease the way on Valentine’s Day to make them brave enough to reach for each other’s hearts. 

This book was worth every minute of staying up late for a second night in a row. I think the characters were well rounded and thought out. I think the bucket list scenes were romantic especially the restaurant scene with Katherine and Darla that mirrored their own situation. I’m now super excited to read Love at Frost Bite: Benji to see more of what Toby Wise can do. 😊

Rating: 5 Stars

Jacquie's Review:

It starts with a simple premise - the mcs get drunk and propose a bucket list of romantic (and steamy) things to do for Valentine's day.

What was delivered was a steamy novella packed with pure romance and sweetness.

Griffin and Nolan have feelings for each other but haven't taken the risk until now.

Wow, when Griffin went for it, he really committed. All in, and it was swoony and so perfect.

I adored the pairing. The depth of feelings they had for each other was lovely.

This absolutely goes in my re-read pile.

The Bucket List is my new favorite read from Toby Wise

Rating: 5 Stars

Angel's Review:

This book was just adorable. What a wonderful and unique Valentine's Day read!

This book started off with a simple and complicated proposal. Griffin's going to do everything that's on Nolan's bucket list. 

Griffin has been in love with Nolan for years, and Nolan has been in love with Griffin for just as long. But both are hesitant and worried about telling the other how they feel. 

I really enjoyed this read, it was cute and adorable! I haven't read anything before that's been like this, definitely not any Valentine's Day story I've ever read before. My favorite part was when Griffin and Nolan cuddled up together in their animal forms. That was hands down my favorite part. 

This was a steamy and short read but it was oh, so adorable! I highly recommend this! 
I read it in one sitting. 

Rating: 4 Stars

The Bucket List is available to buy as an ebook or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.