Text Me Up by Isla Olsen (A Love and Luck Novella)

Expanded from the original free YBBB novella, Text Me Up features Kelly cousin Callum and Ellie's brother Nate in their own HEA. 

From the blurb:


Due to unfortunate happenstance, my precious phone is currently on its way to Ireland in the not-so-safe hands of Callum Foley—my sister’s boyfriend’s cousin. I’ve only met the guy once and my impression was unsettling at best, so the thought of him accessing my phone with all its private contents fills me with nothing but dread.

But I have Callum’s phone with me, so when he starts teasing me about some of my apps I figure it’s fair game to dive into its contents. What one guy needs with twelve different hook-up apps, I’ll never know.

We agree to overnight the phones as soon as Callum arrives home, but it turns out a lot can happen on a six hour flight to Ireland, and I find that when the time comes, I’m not so eager to give up this connection to him…

Warning: This book is not appropriate for anyone who doesn’t like laughing, anyone who doesn’t like ginger tabbies, or anyone who doesn’t like seeing two gorgeous guys falling in love over text.

*Happily Ever After included

Text Me Up was previously published as part of the Your Book Boyfriend's Boyfriend giveaway. It has now been edited and extended and includes an additional 10k words.

Heather's Review:

Text Me Up was a quick read with an interesting meet cute story - Callum having accidently grabbed the wrong phone and Nate ending up with Callum's for a bi-awakening, opposites attract romp where Nate has to wrestle with a homophobic family history and also figure out if Callum is serious or just playing with him...

As a novella, you can't expect a ton of depth, but there were little breadcrumbs that could have lead to that depth and since the author chose to expand some of the story from their YBBB short, I kind of wish that a few more of those breadcrumbs had gotten expanded... but, it was exactly as advertised, steamy, funny and sweet.

Rating: 4 Stars 

Jacqueleen the Reading Queen's Review:

As is usual for Isla Olsen, Text Me Up is a novella full of laughs and includes some ridiculous antics of the Kelly crew. 

Callum is a cousin from Ireland and after meeting Nate at Declan's birthday party while visiting, he doesn't exactly make a good first impression. Well, in hindsight, maybe he did. A mistaken phone switcheroo has Callum heading to Ireland and Nick to Connecticut before realizing the mistake. What ensues is some teasing through text which turns into downright dirty sexting. 

Since this is a novella, it isn't long before both men are falling head over heels. It becomes even more clear when they once again meet up in person that these two are meant to be. 

A fun addition to the Love and Luck series!

Rating: 5 Stars

Text Me Up is currently available as an e-book and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription