Starting Again At Crofton Hall, Modern Crofton #5 by Rebecca Cohen

Starting again At Crofton Hall is the 5th in the Modern Crofton Series, catching up with Ben and Ashley, and introducing a new couple, Robin and Simon.  

From the blurb:

After making a decision that will change his life forever, Robin Flint arrives at Crofton Hall, looking for a place to recover and start again. Love is not enough to continue living a lie, and he now needs to decide what to do to have the future he wants and deserves.

An unexpected meeting where sparks fly was meant to be a one off, but Simon MacLove is just too wonderful to cast aside. But since Robin hadn't intended to continue things, he'd not been so forthcoming about who he really is so Simon, a local police officer, doesn't know Robin is a millionaire trust fund baby and the future Viscount Whetford. Robin has a lot of baggage, and so does Simon, so whether they can carry it together and is very much up in the air, especially as Robin’s now ex-boyfriend, movie star Dorian Marsten, hasn’t accepted things are truly over between.

Meanwhile, Ben and Ashley are still enjoying their post-honeymoon bliss, and have decided to work on the next generation of Redbourns. Only it’s not so easy when neither of them have the necessary biological equipment, meaning the road to them becoming parents isn’t going to be straightforward.

This is the fifth Modern Crofton novel. Each story features a new couple falling in love at Crofton Hall, with the continuing life and love of Ben Redbourn, 16th Earl of Crofton, and the man of his dreams, Ashley (was Niven now Redbourn).

Sheena's Review:

Starting Again At Crofton Hall is the 5th in the Modern Crofton series, and as ever it follows a new couple, but also picks up the tread of Ben and Ashley's life. For that reason, I'd recommend reading this as part of a series, although you could also enjoy it as a standalone. This is Robin and Simon's story, and it's around half and half with Ben and Ashley. I did wonder how Robin's story would unfold. We met him in the last book and he wasn't in a good place then. I needn't have worried. It all unfolded wonderfully well.  

I loved the development of the relationship between Robin and Simon from the initial meeting right all the way through. Both men have been through a lot and while it was probably quite soon for Robin, it was good to see him willing to take a chance. They were so good together, they just fitted. I like them both, actually. There was a fair bit of heat there too, and I liked that Robin really took his time before jumping in to another relationship right away. The supporting cast as ever is great, it's always good to revisit the other couples in the series and see how they're getting on too.

I also liked Ashley and Ben's storyline here, too. It seemed like such a natural progression for them and it made me happy to see. The only thing that brings it down a little is I felt the murder on the grounds was rather pushed to the side. I thought it might be a bigger part of the story. But that's pretty minor in the grand scheme of things.

I look forward to more.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Heather's Review:

It's time for Ben and Ashley to turn their attention to starting a family!  As with the previous books in this series, Rebecca Cohen interweaves their ongoing story with a complete HEA for two other characters...

This time it's Robin's turn.  After breaking up with Damon for good (finally!) he gets to explore a sweet and steamy relationship with the new police detective in town and it was sweet to watch him come into his own and really figure out who he was outside of his past relationship.  This was a steamy, second chance romance for both men and a chance to heal some old wounds.

I love catching up with everyone at Crofton and watching each new couple find their HEA.  I don't recommend reading this standalone, but as a continuing part of the Crofton world, Starting Again At Crofton Hall is an excellent addition.

Rating: 5 Stars

Starting Again At Crofton Hall is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.