#SpotlightSunday: Strictly Curious by Joelle Lynne (NSFW)


Our second #SpotlightSunday shines on Joelle Lynne and her latest step-brother romance: Strictly Curious!

From the Blurb:

I shouldn't want him the way that I do…


My world flipped upside down when my Dad suddenly remarried. What ten-year-old wants that surprise dropped on him? I wasn't expecting my stepbrother to become my best friend, my everything, and the source of my utter confusion. I didn't realize he was hiding something from me, and I didn't mean to see it. It made me question everything.


As close as we'd become over the last nine years, I never meant to hide my biggest secret from Tyler. I didn't want our relationship to change. What would he think if he knew I always imagined him in their place? Now that he knows the truth, how am I supposed to handle him being so curious?

Strictly Curious is a New Adult coming-of-age story. It features adult themes and sexual situations that are not suitable for readers under the age of 18. 

I was disoriented. Things felt so different as the sun streamed in through the blinds of my window. I shifted and the arm around my waist tightened. I stiffened momentarily, then relaxed remembering that I’d convinced Garrett to stay with me last night.

Last night…

My face warmed with embarrassment. That couldn’t have gone more wrong. I could only play the moment of bravery off as stupidity in the light of day. What the hell had I been thinking? Just because he liked guys, didn’t mean that he was into me. Did I have a thing for Garrett? I was certainly into the idea of exploring things with him.

Garrett’s arm tightened around me further, pulling me into his chest. I sucked in a quick breath at the feel of his morning wood digging into my ass. The idea of it should have freaked me out, but I still wanted to know what that felt like. Was it a physical response to being in bed with just anyone, or was it because it was me?

In what was probably another moment of poor decision making I moved against him, pressing my ass into him. His hold tightened, and he groaned softly, the rush of air stirring the hairs at the back of my neck.

He was so hard. It honestly wasn’t the first time I’d woken up with him wrapped around me and sporting wood. I’d never been weirded out by it, and maybe that should have been my first clue, but this was the first time I wanted to act on having it there.

Just as suddenly his arm around me moved, gripping my hip with his hand to hold me in place, preventing me from wiggling against him any further. “Shit, Tyler. What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

I groaned because he was awake, and my fun was done. He’d made it clear last night that this wasn’t something he was willing to explore. I wanted to change his mind because he was the only person I trusted with my curiosity.

“You’re hard,” I said, stating the obvious.

He grunted when I tried to push into him again. “No shit, normal male response. I was plastered against you all night.” He released my hip, and I turned to face him.

“You won’t let me help you with it?” I meant it. I’d do it if he’d let me. The desire to put my hands on him was strong. I wanted to see how different his cock felt from my own, how heavy it’d feel in my hand, see the skin stretched tight around the length. Whoa… what the hell?

His eyes were hooded with sleep and his brown curls were a mess, making me want to run my fingers through them. His full lips were parted open, and staring at them had me remembering my attempt at kissing him last night. They’d been soft yet firm. Not like how Maisy and I used to kiss. The scruff on his face did weird things to me, and I wanted to feel more of it. How strange since I never thought about Garrett like this, not until I saw Toby sucking him off. My view of him completely changed. Now all I saw was a need to explore with him. What would it feel like to touch a guy? Have sex with a guy? More importantly, how would it feel to be with Garrett that way? I couldn’t get these lustful thoughts and curious needs out of my head.

He chewed his lip and rolled onto his back, the way his erection tented his shorts was borderline comical. “It’s a bad idea, Tyler. We talked about this.”

I nodded. I knew he’d turn me down, but I had another idea. “Can I see you?”

His eyebrows shot to his hairline, and he turned his head back toward me. “What do you mean, can you see me?”

Feeling brave again, and maybe extra stupid, I flopped onto my back. Garrett watched me with interest as I trailed my fingers across the T-shirt I’d worn to bed. They crept lower until I reached the hem of my sweatpants. I tugged gently, pulling them down enough to expose a small patch of pubic hair, and slipping my hand inside.

“I want to see you,” I groaned as I gave my dick a squeeze. I’d been hard since I’d felt him pressed up against my ass.

Garrett’s eyes pinched closed as he turned his face to the ceiling again. “Fuck, Ty…”

“You don’t have to touch me, and I won’t touch you. I just want to see you touch yourself. I’ll show you how I touch myself too.” This was wrong. I knew it was. I was pushing him so far out of his comfort zone, but yesterday had awoken something in me.

“Shit,” was all he said before he grasped the waist of his shorts and shoved them down. They sat mid-thigh and his cock stood hard and proud from his body. The small patch of pubes at his base was trimmed and neat. He was long and had a good girth to him. I’d never considered another guy’s dick like this before, but it made my mouth water just looking at him.

His hand wrapped around his length and he let out a shuddery breath before he looked over at me. His cheeks were pink, and he licked his lips and watched me, not doing a damn thing further. I knew what he was waiting for and all my former bravado escaped me.

I wasn’t as impressive as him. I liked to think I had a nice dick, but mine wasn’t anywhere near as big as his. It still did its job, and it was proportionate to my size, but would he think less of me for being smaller? Toby hadn’t been very small, either.

Now wasn’t the time to let my insecurities get the best of me. I was getting what I asked for. My stepbrother was going to let me watch him pleasure himself, in exchange to see me do the same. Guys did this right? He’d mentioned mutual hand jobs. Maybe that required actually touching each other and not what we were about to do.

Faking all the confidence I didn’t have, I pulled my hand out of my sweats and pushed them down, exposing myself. My cock sprung free, and Garrett’s eyes widened as I wrapped my hand around myself just as he had and gave him a nod. A weird “Let’s do this.”

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