Rhyme of Longing, (Jack and Gil 1) by Emily Carrington

A human and a basilisk oh, my! - Holly on Rhyme of Longing.

From the blurb:

Gilbert Sullivan hates his name, but refuses to go by Gil because of a rhyme he fears is a prophecy. When he meets Jack Sowerby, the new head of SearchLight, he’s terrified the rhyme will come true and he’ll lose his place as Crown Prince of the basilisks, but his attraction to Jack won’t let him stay away.

Jack, born human, is, above all things, practical. Still, when he meets Prince Gilbert, his need for the prince blossoms and he’s unable to resist -- at least until he’s forcibly changed into a magical creature. He’s terrified of the new world he’s entering. When Gilbert tries to fight the rhyme, will their shattered relationship ever be restored?

Miki J's Review:

I’ve actually not read the other books in this series, but the author was able to give enough background details on this world that I wasn’t lost in any way. Having said that, I would recommend to read them in order as there are spoilers of the other couples and seems to be an ongoing plot that crosses the books.  

Now, about Rhyme of Longing—I did enjoy the story. Gilbert (Gil) is selfish and arrogant and it was funny to see him trying to get away from Jack, but just couldn't keep away. And Jack - very cool character and possibly the oldest MC I've come across (human wise!!).  

Plenty of intrigue, suspense and action...but fair warning there are scenes which will trigger. The tooing and froing by Gil did get a tad annoying, but that gets resolved and the book ends with a HEA for them.....but the ongoing plot not so much.  

Rating: 3.5 Stars

Holly's Review:

I was intrigued by the premise of this book, a prophecy written in a nursery rhyme we all know and love. 

Emily Carrington has created a complex world, with a myriad of a diverse and vast number of magical creatures. 

Jack, who starts off the story as a human, is hitting 70 and finds himself thrust into a high-profile position where he must ascertain why and how a large number of magical creatures are going missing. 
Crown Prince Gillian comes across as an arrogant man, one who is accustomed to getting his own way. Until he meets Jack and all of his carefully crafted rules no longer seem to apply. 

The story progresses into some dark places, which eventually leads to Jack's transformation into something other than human and forces Gillian to acknowledge his true feelings for the man - pushing him deeper into fear that the prophecy come rhyme might actually come to pass. 

Some elements of this story are less than believable at times, but all in all, I'm intrigued enough to read the next book to see if their HFN can become a HEA. 

Rating: 3.5 Stars

Rhyme of Longing is available to buy in ebook format.