Playing Deep, Miami Piranhas #5 by Beth Bolden

Playing Deep marks the beautiful and emotional end to the Miami Piranhas series. 

From the blurb:

Kenyon Ellis knows getting involved with Julian Anderson is an enormous mistake—but from the very first night, he finds him annoying, intriguing and ultimately, irresistible.

One, Kenyon is a player, and Julian is a reporter, so hooking up with him, no matter how spectacular the nights are, is a terrible idea.

Two, he’s falling for him, even if Julian continues to be prickly and impossible. But every time Julian’s walls shift, Kenyon sees the real man behind the attitude, and he only wants more.

Three, between the Piranhas and the charity work he’s committed to, Kenyon really doesn’t have the time for a relationship—but a relationship with Julian turns out to be exactly what he wants.

Maybe even exactly what he needs.

But when Julian starts calling out his performance on the field, the last thing Kenyon expects is his betrayal. But is it betrayal? Or does Julian see something in Kenyon that he’s lost?

The answer leads him not only to love, but to the biggest crossroads of his life.

The fifth and final Miami Piranhas book.

Angel's Review:

Wow.. Beth, just wow... You truly outdid yourself with Playing Deep. I mean, what a way to close out a terrific series. I was excited for Kenyon's story, but I'm also sad cause I know it's the last one in this universe. But oh, what a bittersweet ending. 

Kenyon has always been the mysterious one on the team. Everyone thinks because he has a foundation, he has his life put together. He has a plan. In a way that's true, but yet it's not. When he falls into bed; (or shall I say a bathroom) with a reporter, he knows he messed up. And yet he can't stay away from Julian. He doesn't want to, no matter how many rules he may be breaking, he can't resist Julian. 

Julian is a sports reporter. He's new to Miami when he hooks up with Kenyon. Kenyon, whose name was Ellis. Who was a random guy. Not a football player, definitely not that. 

I really enjoyed the dynamic of their relationship. It's a give and take; a push and pull. Julian has a really tough shell, one that Kenyon kept trying to get through. He was determined to get to know the gorgeous reporter who was smart and snarky, and he was going to be interested in more with Julian, whether he liked it or not. This started off as... Convenient hookups for the both of these guys? They weren't necessarily friends, but they weren't strangers either. Then their relationship slowly started developing, to the point where it snuck up on the both of them. I'm going to be honest, at times Julian's character rubbed me the wrong way, but overall he redeemed himself. 

The date boxes are so iconic to this series now that I look forward to those scenes, I think they just add something really special and unique to these books. And reading about how they made 'the worst pizza they've ever tasted was hilarious! 

Something that really stands out for me is getting to see all of the past characters in this book. I love when an author can bring back those characters we've grown attached to. Beth... It's been a really great journey. Although how could you make me shed tears? This was a fantastic way to end a truly remarkable series. 

Rating: 5 Stars

Heather's Review:

We've been teased with Kenyon's story throughout the series and reading Playing Deep is like peeking behind the curtain for a final time... you've seen his reactions through the eyes of others, but it all comes together in a delicious secret relationship with Julian!

The push and pull of this one, from their one night stand to them finally getting to experience a true HEA was angsty, steamy and so much fun to read!  I love that they get to experience a date box and we see how their relationship intertwines with the rest of the team and their love stories!

I hope that no matter where Beth Bolden takes her next series, we get to see these characters pop back in to visit in the future!

Rating: 5 Stars

Playing Deep is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.