No Good Deed (Maverick Insurance Mysteries #1) by M.J. May

"Those precious moments slipped through my memory as if riding in a fog." - No Good Deed.

From the blurb:

Three years ago, Perry Atherton tried to play the hero. Turns out real life isn’t like the movies. Instead of saving someone’s life, his reward was head trauma and a blown-out knee. Perry’s dream of becoming an astrophysicist was obliterated along with his memories of that tragic night. Left with a poor memory,
painful migraines, and a constant limp, he’s grateful for his custodial position at Maverick Insurance.

Perry can’t remember. Detective Nathanial Harmon can’t forget. The first night Nate met Perry is seared into his brain—Perry lying on his back, the colorful sequences of his Pride shirt glittering in the otherwise dark alley. Perry’s ragged breaths, swollen face, and hemorrhaging body their first introduction.

Perry and Nate’s futures are about to collide again—the instigator: a note Perry was never meant to find, let alone read. A murderer lurks in the office building Perry cleans, and a nameless employee appears to be next on their hit list.

Perry’s not sure he’s ready to get involved again. He tried to play Good Samaritan before with horrific consequences. But the note screaming murder won’t let his conscience remain quiet and convinces him to tempt the phrase “No good deed . . .” again.

No Good Deed is the first book in the Maverick Insurance Mystery Series. No Good Deed is an m/m contemporary mystery romance and involves a man trying to make the best of being on Karma's bad side, the value of true friendship, demanding four-legged fur balls, the pros and cons of listening to your conscience, and finding love where you least expect. No Good Deed has a HFN ending with no cheating.

Possible trigger warnings include gun violence, past violent trauma, and murder.

Miki J's Review:

WOW!! This book is seriously a work of art. Very much a slow burn… and told from 2 POV’s – we get to know both MC’s and their history, while trying to solve a new mystery.  

There are plenty… and I mean plenty… of twists in this suspense filled plot and just when you think you know… nope, a new nugget drops. 

And the ending… OMG… I really can’t wait for the next book !!!  

It’s a murder mystery but not the usual cop/villain fair – and it’s also funny, very sweet (that first date was just perfect!!!) with brilliant supporting characters… deliciously twisted tale!!!!

Rating: 5 Stars

SNik's Review:

First in series (Maverick Insurance Mysteries). Mystery suspense. Slow/no burn. Hurt/comfort. Dual POV. 

The late night janitor for an insurance company, Perry is managing his injuries from a brutal beating he almost didn’t survive that are still slowly healing, and taking his accomplishments where he can. Perry already suffered from trying to help before, but when he tries again it brings police detective Nate back into his life due to a missing coworker. Perry doesn’t remember Nate, but Nate has never forgotten Perry and wanting to get closer to Perry jeopardizes his investigation and his job. 

Perry is a vulnerable and sweet character, his best friend Gayle and his cats make his world complete, and Nate is earnest and slightly obsessed with Perry believing that Perry may be his forever person. 

No Good Deed includes a varied and interesting supportive cast of characters, some that are loyal found family, and some that seem friendly but have hidden agendas that may cost Perry his life. 

The romance is secondary to the main story which I’m guessing will continue as the series continues, and there is a soft cliffhanger as the overarching storyline continues. 

Well written I’m not sure where this overall story is going, but the intrigue and likable characters have certainly got me impatiently waiting for the next book.

Rating: 4 Stars

No Good Deed is available to buy as an ebook or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.