Love and Valentines at Caynham Castle by Jeanne Adams, Morgan Brice, Caren Crane, Seressia Glass, Nancy Northcott

Fae-ted Mates by Morgan Brice is part of this Valentine's anthology. Grady and Dawson are celebrating their honeymoon, with plans for romance and a visit to the fae. They also renew their commitment as well as help with a disgruntled house goblin. Love and Valentines at Caynham Castle contains MF and MM pairings.

From the blurb:

Enjoy five Valentine’s Day-themed romances set at an ancient English castle that’s now a hotel.

Racing Toward Love by Jeanne Adams

Dr. Oriela Deschamps was overjoyed to get a job appraising an estate for the Wellington family in the small English town of Caynham-On-Ledwyche. From the first meeting with the Byron "Bo" Wellington, Ori knows the job is going to be a challenge. First, there's Bo himself - the sexy, grumpy heir to Ribald Racing Stables. Then, there's the exceedingly dangerous artifact that's the centerpiece of her appraisal. That artifact, a set of riding silks from 1947, carry a curse and someone wants them for dark and desperate reasons. Can Ori's magic save them, or will the would-be thief kill both Ori and Bo, just as they find their special Valentines?

Fae-ted Mates by Morgan Brice

Dawson and Grady King are honeymooning at Caynham Castle, hoping to take a break from monster hunting. They have one piece of family business to handle, involving a generations-long agreement with the Welsh Fae. When things go wrong, will Dawson and Grady survive, or will they be trapped in the Faerie realm forever?

Romance Sells Records by Caren Crane

After watching her mother’s hope for a grand romance get dashed time after time, Hannah Evans grew into someone with no tolerance for romance. Callum Hughes’ parents had an enviable relationship, and he wanted the same for himself: if only he could he convince Hannah to trust what they could build together.

Cupid Comes to Caynham by Seressia Glass

In Cupid Comes to Caynham, Oliver Jones' family has run the Boar and Knight off and on for centuries. After his father's death, it is now Oliver's responsibility to manage the ancient pub, a duty that leaves him no time or desire for love--until professional tourist Shayla Munroe literally falls at his feet. With Valentine's and Shayla's departure date fast approaching, does love have time to bloom or will it die on the vine? Not if Venus and Cupid have anything to say about it.

The One Who Got Away by Nancy Northcott

Hastings Whitney grew up driven not only to succeed but to be seen to succeed. His focus on success cost him two marriages and any number of relationships. Now he has a second chance with the woman he never forgot, jewelry designer Corinne Lanier. Has he changed enough to balance work with a relationship? Or will a business crisis bring old habits back to the fore? And is there a sinister side to his problem?

SNik's Review:

Part of a multi-author anthology, this review is for Fae-ted Mates by Morgan Brice. Paranormal. Established couple. Dual POV. 

This story can be read as a standalone but involves Grady and Dawson from the author’s Kings of the Mountain series as they travel on their honeymoon. While celebrating their honeymoon, Grady and Dawson are supposed to take a side trip to Wales and renew their family’s ages old covenant with the fae. 

A romantic and steamy time is spent exploring the castle and local town, and even if you are not familiar with Grady and Dawson, the author gives enough background to establish their relationship and commitment to each other. 

When the fae meeting goes awry, Dawson must decide if he can let Grady’s sacrifice be the end, or the beginning of a greater bond between them. An enjoyable short story, especially if you are a Morgan Brice fan. 

Rating: 4.5 rounded up.

Love & Valentines at Caynham Castle is available to buy as an ebook.