Dearly & Vain Valentino, Dearly and The Departed #2 by L.A. Kaye

When Keir's new boyfriend suddenly departs on vacation, Keir has to wonder if telling Dash he sees ghosts was a good idea. Once they reunite, there are a lot of new issues they have to share and work on together to find out how they are meant to help keep evil from crossing over through the funeral business they call home. The Dearly and The Departed series continues in Dearly & Vain Valentino.

From the blurb:

When the family business is death, how does one convince the deceased to embrace the afterlife without hurting their delicate feelings?

Keir Dearly, proprietor of Dearly & Son Funeral Home, is working his way through heartache after Dashiell Clegg, the object of his affection, has taken off on an adventure and left Keir behind. When a certain handsome detective shows up and wants to woo the mortician, temptation knocks. Will Keir answer while Dash is off trying to accept mind blowing news and navigate a new reality?

Valentino Rankin, a fledgling male model, becomes a client of Keir’s at Dearly & Son by paying more attention to his reflection in a store window than the flow of traffic. He refuses to give Keir information to assist with reconnecting him to his body and has a hard time accepting he has to fight a living biker and a cop for Keir Dearly’s affections.

How can Keir convince Valentino that the afterlife is calling, or is there something more to Valentino that Keir can’t see? Can Dash help clear things up with his newly acquired skills that will be a surprise to everyone? There’s trouble with the electricity at Dearly & Son, and it’s nothing an electrician can fix!

SNik's Review:

Second in series (Dearly and The Departed), must be read in order. Paranormal. Semi-established couple. Dual POV. 

Picking up where the last book ended, Keir has told Dash about his ghost seeing abilities and Dash unexpectedly goes away for a month, leaving Keir to doubt their budding relationship. There are unusual things happening at the funeral home (more than the normal-ish unusual things) and Dash receives his own set of paranormal skills, which is meant to aid Keir in the future. 

Their relationship jumps quickly to forever commitment territory with some spicy reunion interactions which settles the main couple, but there is still a large amount of questions surrounding the paranormal side of things. 

Dearly & Vain Valentino is a slight departure from the previous book. This story seemed like more of a bridge to set up more things to come in the series. There was quite a bit of new information with new characters, and even though Valentino plays a part as a ghost that needs Keir’s help he is not the main thrust of the story, but I am happy he will continue with the Dearly found family.

Rating: 3.5 Stars

Reedkaye's Review:

I rarely, if ever, read any paranormal and yet I got hooked on this series right from the first story. This is the second and picks up where the first left off. Keir is missing Dash, who left to go to Italy. Keir is thinking that the relationship that he thought was starting was one sided and has almost decided to get on with his life, but he still has this attraction to Dash. 

Dash, in the meantime has had an accident in Italy, falling off a yacht. He ends up in the hospital and has serious injuries, but doesn’t want to contact anyone. As he finds some of his injuries might be forever, he decides to return home. The reunion with Keir isn’t actually what he expected.

In the meantime, things at Dearly & Son Funeral Home are keeping Keir and others on edge. Keir has a number of issues in this world and another dimension that keeps him concerned. This story follows the path of Keir’s relationship with Jay and Dash while a number of other issues keep occurring.  

This really ends on a cliffhanger, which is something I hate. I know this is a series with the same characters but I much prefer when they end as a hfn. I know I would have appreciated knowing that this didn’t end rather ended as a lead in to the next book.

Dearly & Vain Valentino is available to buy as an ebook or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.