Chasing Sunsets by J.E. Joyce

"At the risk of sounding like that red-headed mermaid...I want more." - Chasing Sunsets.

From the blurb:

A week in paradise, on the company dime, with your best friend - What could be better? How about a night with the ex-military SCUBA instructor? Or what if it turns into more than just a night?

Gabriel wanted nothing more than to escape the same old lonely day to day he always faces. When he and Deepa decide to spend an extra week in paradise and get in a couple adventures after their work conference, he never would have guessed he would find himself tongue-tied and stupid, on his knees, at the feet of their drop-dead gorgeous and cranky as hell SCUBA instructor. Jesus, Mary, Joseph, Sonny, and Cher… this wasn’t how this trip was supposed to go.

Cade wasn’t even supposed to be the one leading this little diving excursion, but when his roommate turns up MIA and calls in a favor, he finds himself tripping over a silver-haired little shark in the waters of his perfectly controlled life. Quiet, stoic, all too serious, his life doesn’t have room for noise, for color, for distractions. Until Gabriel turns up literally at his feet, forcing Cade’s cranky self into a full-on Technicolor world, at least for the weekend. But what if he wants to be more than just a vacation fling for this little shark?

Chasing Sunsets is a contemporary MM vacation romance between a grumpy SCUBA instructor and glittery ball of sunshine. This book is full of snarky best friends, endless banter, nerdy references galore, and steamy fun on a boat under the stars. WARNING: You may never be able to listen to baby shark the same way again after reading this.

Miki J's Review:

Fun, sassy, steamy and perfect holiday / beach vacation read. 

This book is just so much fun to read. Gabriel just cracked me up - he's sassy and snarky and knows what he wants. His sayings cracked me up and I loved the banter between him and his friend Deepa – the antagonising word-war between them is clearly their love language. But I digress - this is about Gabriel meeting Cade....which wasn't auspicious .....but that's soon rectified.  

This is an insta-lust story which suits a holiday fling... but they realise that it becomes something more.... does take them a bit to discover....but hey, it's love - there's no time limit on that! And baby shark.....bahahahahahaha    

Very enjoyable book.

Rating: 5 Stars

Chasing Sunsets is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.