Winging It (Hockey Ever After #1) by Ashlyn Kane, Morgan James

Winging It is the revised start of the Hockey Ever After series. Dante wants to be supportive when his pro hockey teammate Gabe gets outed, but he doesn't intend to fall in love with him. Opposites attract and struggle to maintain a relationship that one person wants to keep it private and the other wants to share it with the world.

From the blurb:

Hockey is Gabe Martin's life. Dante Baltierra just wants to have some fun on his way to the Hockey Hall of Fame. Falling for a teammate isn't in either game plan.

But plans change.

When Gabe gets outed, it turns his careful life upside-down. The chaos messes with his game and sends his team headlong into a losing streak. The last person he expects to pull him through it is Dante.

This season isn’t going the way Dante thought it would. Gabe’s sexuality doesn’t faze him, but his own does. Dante’s always been a “what you see is what you get” kind of guy, and having to hide his attraction to Gabe sucks. But so does losing, and his teammate needs him, so he puts in the effort to snap Gabe out of his funk.

He doesn’t mean to fall in love with the guy.

Getting involved with a teammate is a bad idea, but Dante is shameless, funny, and brilliant at hockey. Gabe can’t resist. Unfortunately, he struggles to share part of himself that he’s hidden for years, and Dante chafes at hiding their relationship. Can they find their feet before the ice slips out from under them?

Winging It is the first book in the hot, hilarious, heartfelt Hockey Ever After series. If you like witty banter, friends to lovers, and sports romance, you’ll love Winging It

SNik's Review:

First in series (Hockey Ever After). Revised/updated version. Opposites attract. Found family. Dual POV. 

Gabe doesn’t intend to be the first openly gay professional hockey player even if living a closeted life has kept him from having close relationships with his teammates. 

Loud, social and uninhibited, Dante is very different from introverted and private Gabe, but their mutual attraction leads them to attempting a relationship even if they can’t tell everyone. 

Dante is a scene stealer in this story, a character that is funny, entertaining, sweet, loyal and mature for his age, and perhaps the perfect person to bring Gabe out of his lonely, quiet life. I enjoyed Dante and Gabe together, every interaction, both the swoony and the steamy, they balance each other and can’t help falling in love. 

Hockey, romance, and a large supportive secondary cast of characters, this book was an engaging read and a great start to the series.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Heather's Review:

When I first read this book, it was very hockey forward and the romance felt secondary..  but the changes and editing has made this a love story as well as a love of hockey story!   I especially enjoyed the juxtaposition between Gabe, the quiet, closeted man who hides in his quiet life and Dante, the social, uninhibited man who may just bring Gabe out into the light!

This book has great worldbuilding, a lovely cast of characters and I can't wait to see where the series goes from here!

Rating: 4 Stars

Winging It is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.