What a Nobleman Needs (The Brotherhood: Origins #2) by Merry Farmer

What a Nobleman Needs by Merry Farmer is the second book in The Brotherhood: Origins series. Ellis Copeland never expected to become the 6th Marquess Wilmore and is put in charge of honoring his Uncle George’s last wishes via his will.

From the blurb:

His adolescent infatuation is back, but will Mac get Ellis into trouble, or will the rake need rescuing himself?

Seven years ago, Ellis Copeland had his eyes opened when he stumbled on his Uncle George with one of his flings. Lord MacKenzie Young, Baron Fulbright, has lived in Ellis’s fantasies ever since. But now that George is gone and Ellis has inherited the title of Marquess of Wilmore, Ellis is responsible for hosting all of his uncle’s past lovers…including the man he’s been dreaming of for years.

Ellis will never be the same when fantasy becomes reality…

The first thing Mac realizes when he returns to the place where he once spent a sinful summer is that the green adolescent who amused him all those years ago has become an irresistible, but still mostly innocent, man. The second thing he realizes is that Ellis is a far better man than he is. George has tasked Mac with taking care of Ellis as part of his will, but as Mac’s wild life spins out of control, Ellis might be the one who needs to take care of him.

Opposites attract—and spark a fire so hot it consumes both of them—but can two men who are so different truly give each other what they need, especially when Mac’s past comes back to haunt him?

What a Nobleman Needs is a story of realizing who you are and what you want, roles reversing at an inconvenient time, deciding that he might just want to play the game after all, a ghost from the past causing trouble in the present, and finding the courage to finally tell his awful family just what he thinks about them.

Please Be Advised: Steam Level – Pretty darn hot! This is not your grandma’s Regency Romance!

Ms Aimers Review:

Uncle George, in his infinite wisdom, decided that he wanted his heir to host a very interesting house party. Of course, we already knew about the house party from What a Duke Desires, but this book gives us a behind the scenes view of it. We also meet Ellis’s Aunt Martha and Cousin Arabella whom you may love to hate as much as I did. The scene when Ellis finally stands up to their bullying is glorious! I found myself really liking Ellis’s sister, Cary. I hope she eventually gets her own HEA.

As I mentioned in my review of What a Duke Desires, Uncle George was one heck of a matchmaker, even on his deathbed. He paired Ellis with MacKenzie Young, Baron Fulbright, whom Ellis saw in flagrante with Uncle George as a teenager. Ellis had an idealized version of Mac in his head for many years. I enjoyed the evolution of Ellis and George’s relationship. I appreciated that their trials and tribulations weren’t glossed over, including the fact that abuse did occur for some who didn’t conform to the Ton’s norms. 

Merry keeps teasing us with the chameleon at the each book so far. Bring on the Chameleon Club! 

Rating: 5 Stars

What a Nobleman Needs is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.