Tracking With the Enemy (Unlikely Mates #1) by Rosyln Faulk


I will admit - I completely judged Tracking with the Enemy by its cover. How could I not when the cover design is that adorable? Not knowing anything about the book, I wanted to read it. Then I found out what it was about and made a rare genre hop from contemporary to paranormal. And I'm very glad that I did. 

From the Blurb:


My life as a vampire is pretty routine. Go to my bartending job, find an unsuspecting human customer to feed on, glamour them to forget, go home, sleep, repeat. Pretty standard stuff. Until I’m approached by a werewolf who needs my help to find his missing Alpha. As a vampire, werewolves are our natural enemies. I know I should tell him no, but something about him calls to me, and it’s not just his big, sexy body or angelic face. I want to get to know him. There’s no harm in helping him out, right?


Shaka is not what I expect. I’ve heard he’s a vampire with a powerful tracking ability, but all I see is a gorgeous and flirty young vampire who will probably get me in a lot of trouble. How attractive I find him is one thing—his flirting is something else. I think he’s trying to shock me, but I want to do all the dirty things he suggests—and more. It will be a struggle to keep my hands off him if we work together, but I need his help. With my pack leader on the run and possibly in danger, I need to find him fast. And to do that, I need Shaka.

Raphael’s pack leader left for a reason. But why? Will Shaka and Raphael find him in time to avoid an unknown danger? Will Shaka and Raphael come out unscathed? And will they be able to let each other go at the end of it all?

Sarah C's Review:

Tracking With the Enemy is my forst Rosyln Faulk book and will not be my last. It's the story of a vampire and a werewolf - two species that hate one another for reasons unknown to both of our MCs and the reader. (Sadly, while we get history on a particular vampire and why he doesn't like werewolves, we do not yet know why the species dislike one another in this universe.) However, they have to work together when the werewolf's alpha goes missing. Because the vampire? He's a near legendary tracker.

From page one, I was absolutely enamored with Shaka (the vampire). He was a loud and fun character who revels in the fact that he's a vampire. He also has special powers due to who he was as a human - the son of a priestess. I loved Rafael (Raphy) just as much once he was introduced and the two boys - the moment they were interacting, you just felt it.

Rosyln builds an interesting world full of interesting characters. The Queen of the Fae is more helpful in this book than she appears in almost every other book that includes a Fairy Queen, making her seem like one of the good guys who genuinely cares about other Supes. The dislike between werewoves and vampires doesn't prevent them from working together nor does it pose any risk of either of the two dying if one bites the other as it is in some universes. Other supernatural creatures are mentioned - and some introduced - in the book as well. Werewolf politics are pretty basic, basically a mythos that I grew up on.

Faulk doesn't do too much original with the mythos, though she adds her own spin on parts of it to make it somewhat different and to make it her own. Which is much appreciated.

The book has a solid mystery, not one that I solved within the first few pages. I wish the climax of the mystery had lasted a bit longer, but it still made a good showing. I also wish we would've gotten more answers about why vampires and werewolves don't get along and that we got a bit more about the other species and a bit more world building in general. But the bits we got were good and let me imagine the whole world that we were seeing.

All in all though, this book was amazing. This book roped me in and had me grinning at certain parts. It is also pretty hot - I'm just saying. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone whose looking for a cute supernatural story. 

Rating: 4 Stars   

Tracking With the Enemy is available on Amazon and as part of your Kindle Unlimited subscription.