#ThrowbackThursday - Racing Into Love (Cut to the Feeling #1) by Noah Steele


Today's #ThrowbackThursday celebrates the four year publishversary of Noah Steele's Racing Into Love!

From the Blurb:

Derrek's kiss floods me with excitement. Falling for him is a risk. I just have to be willing to take it.

My relationship rut ends when pro racer Derrek Luna speeds into my cozy bookstore and crashes the end of a disastrous date. He's way too risky to fall for, but I can't ignore the sudden sparks between us. It doesn't take long before we're head over heels for each other, and we'll need that love to cross the finish line.

Lap 1: Derrek wants to settle down and stop racing. The woman who runs his life on the track refuses to lose her star without a fight.

Lap 2: The closer I get to Derrek, the angrier my ex-turned-best-friend gets. Is he...jealous?

Lap 3: Someone broke into my bookstore. I'm starting to wonder if Derrek's exes ghosted, or if someone convinced them to disappear.

But I'm tired of playing it safe, even if being with Derrek is risky for more than just my heart.

Racing into Love is a low-angst contemporary M/M instalove romance. Opposites attract in swoony, steamy ways before a guaranteed HEA. It is suggested this series be read in order. Content warnings include: on-page panic attacks.


I felt a weight over me as Derrek climbed over my body and pulled me into a hug from behind, turning until we were both resting on our sides looking out through the large windows at the head of the bed.

“Yeah, I guess it was dumb to think I’d be the only guy trying to flirt with you through books,” he admitted.

“You have no idea…” I said reluctantly.

It was basically every guy’s go-to when I got hit on at my store.

“I’m kind of glad you didn’t, even if the alternative was being kind of a dick in line,” I teased. I heard the crinkle of sheets behind us as Derrek reached a hand over his head for a pillow.

“Confidence isn’t a turn-on for you?” he said, and I practically snorted in response.

“There’s confidence, and then there’s whatever you were,” I shot back. “I was so mad that night I thought about your stupid trip to Iceland and wanted you to have the worst time.”

“My what?” he asked, surprised.

“Your trip. Why else does anyone need a tourist’s guide?”

I shook with the force of Derrek’s muscled body against mine as he chuckled and let out a long, slow breath.

“There’s no trip to Iceland. It was the first thing I grabbed so I could talk to you in line,” he said.

I could feel him holding his breath behind me and squeezed his arm, my mouth dropping open. He really was all show. I bat at his arm until he let me go and I turned around, gripping whatever hair I could on the back of his head and pulled him into a deep, heavy kiss.

He made a sound before settling into the rhythm of it, our lips parting and our tongues meeting as hands
searched bodies to get underneath each other’s clothes. The soft brush of lips and tickle of tongues meeting quickly turned to playful nips and firmer hands, and soon Derrek was kneeling behind me, our shirts lost to the piles of laundry already on the bedroom floor, his breath hot on my skin as he bit into my neck and pinned me to his toned body with one strong arm, his other hand tracing the scar on my back with a gentle touch.

I pushed myself against him, twisting and turning as we met again and again in several positions before he finally loosed a deep, rumbling growl and pulled away. For a moment, I imagined the intensity of our sex, and my pants grew increasingly tight. Derrek planted a scratchy kiss on my cheek before leaping off the bed and sauntering out of the room. He returned quickly with two glasses of water. Had I done something to make him stop?

He must have noticed my eyes dim—my poker face was terrible—because he set the glasses down on the nightstand and crossed one leg onto the bed underneath him.

“Things have never happened like this for me before,” he finally sputtered after several minutes of starting and stopping his words. “It’s been a long time since my last real relationship. I, uh, I’m just not used to the idea of someone still being around when I wake up,” he said, a hopeful glimmer just beneath his words.

“Oh,” I said. “Oh.” I scrambled to my feet, downed my glass of water, and fumbled over laundry to find my shirt. “I, uh, I don’t have to—”

“Yes,” Derrek interrupted. “You do. You do have to be here in the morning. I want you to be here in the morning,” he said, making his way across the bed to kneel in front of me, a firm hand tugging my shirt out of my grasp and back onto the carpet. His eyes were almost pleading, and I dove at him with outstretched arms, tackling him backwards onto the bed to kiss him again.

“The deal’s off if I find out you have gross morning breath,” I joked between kisses, and he laughed as he nudged me to the side and stood up, heading toward the bathroom.

“I guess you’ll find out soon,” he said, sticking an arm out of the bathroom, two toothbrushes gripped firmly in his hand. “I travel enough to have spares if I need to pack a bag,” he clarified when I gave him a pointed look, convinced that more boys had been in Derrek’s bedroom than he was letting on. I moved to sit on the edge of the bed and watched Derrek shuffle through untidy drawers under his bathroom sink.

There, under bad light, topless and barefoot in dark blue jeans, looking like the most ordinary boy in the world, he seemed perfect. I stood up and took one of the toothbrushes out of his hand, setting it in an empty cup on the counter, and kissed his cheek. We both looked up into the mirror, half-smirking at each other.

With an unspoken tension, we went about our evening routines until we were side by side under cool silk sheets and a warm, heavy blanket, my skin hot against his in nothing but our underwear.

We tossed until we were comfortably nestled face to face on our sides, a mountain of silky cushions threatening to bury us alive, our legs a tangled mess. With the blinds down and the lights off, the room was incredibly dark, and I could feel the slow exhale of Derrek’s breath on my lip as we drifted off to sleep.

“Aiden?” he said, a gentle rasp to his words as sleep began to take hold.

“Yeah?” I said, moving my body closer to his.

Several minutes passed. I could feel the tension in Derrek’s muscular chest as he struggled with his words. I lifted an arm to nudge his head upwards, asking him to meet my eyes, and could barely make out the strength of his face in the dark.

“This is different.”

“Yeah,” I said, my lips pulling into a soft, invisible smile.

Derrek leaned forward just enough to touch our noses together, his breathing heavier than it had been moments before.

“I think I’m falling in love with you,” he mumbled, his body practically vibrating beside mine.

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