#ThrowbackThursday: Mountain Topped by KM Neuhold and Mia Monroe


This #ThrowbackThursday, we're wishing a Happy Publishversary to KM Neuhold and Mia Monroe for their book Mountain Topped!

From the Blurb:

Can a fantasy about being shared turn into something more? Bowen's about to find out when he gets Mountain topped.

Is there a bigger gay cliché than falling in love with your straight best friend? Oh, I know; a random hookup with a dude from the gym.

I didn't think I'd ever manage to fall for anyone other than the unattainable Hawthorne, but the more time I spend with Aldis the more I… like him.

As for my straight best friend… do straight guys usually stare so much when you're wearing gray sweatpants?

I never thought the drunken admission of my deepest fantasy would lead to the three of us hooking up and Hawthorne looking at me like that. Now my best friend and my hookup-turned-more are bonding over their shared love of mountain climbing, the three of us are, ahem, exploring, and I'm hoping this is more than just a messy fling.


Is it possible to fall in love with someone just by watching them bench press? Because
I’m pretty sure I just did. I’ve been creeping on him for weeks if I’m being honest. Somehow our
gym schedules just happened to align, thank the gay gods. Dionysus, he seemed pretty gay, at the
very least he knows how to party. Anyway, that’s not the point. The point is, Mr. Thick-Thighs-
Short-Shorts has his legs spread on either side of the bench, his wide sleeved tank top offering a
delectable nip slip, his skin glistening with sweat, his muscles fucking rippling as he grunts out
each rep. Be still my beating cock.

Normally getting my cardio in is my least favorite part of my circuit, but I can’t complain
about the view today. For all I know, I’ve knocked out my two miles without even noticing
because I’m so focused on my future baby daddy. I can’t get him pregnant, but we can sure as
hell try.

When he finishes his set, he puts the bar in place and sits up, reaching for the towel he
has laying in a pile on the floor next to the bench, along with a water bottle and his cell phone.
Today’s the day I’m going to go for it. I just need to come up with the perfect opening line.
Ideally, I’d want to have caught his eye before now to see if I can catch a vibe off of him as to
whether he’ll be down or not, but dude is focused when he works out. Actually, ear warmer
thighs aside, it was the focus that first caught my attention.

Most guys who come here seem to use this place as a meat market as much as a gym,
sometimes more than a gym. Not my guy. Dude pumps iron like it’s his religion and he has the
body to show for it. I’m no slouch myself, between regular workouts and weekends rock
climbing, I’m ripped six ways to Sunday too. Maybe he’ll be interested in counting each other’s
abs… with our tongues of course.

He wraps up his workout, wiping down the equipment and sauntering toward the locker
room, the flex of his ass as he walks making me pant. Or maybe the panting is thanks to the extra
mile I put in while I drooled over him.

I skip my regular cool down, not wanting to miss my shot. I don’t hurry through wiping
my own shit down though, not wanting to make it too obvious that I’m following him into the
locker room. It takes me a minute to locate him, sitting on a bench in front of his locker,
thumbing through his phone. He absently drags his hand through his dark hair, leaving it messy,
giving me all kinds of naughty thoughts about other ways we could achieve the same effect.
I grin and approach him from the side, catching sight of the color scheme of the app he’s
using, grays and blues, it’s unmistakably my favorite hookup app. Score, he’s gay, or at the very
least bi. There was a good chance considering most guys at this particular gym are, but you never
know. I’m not trying to peep over his shoulder, but a very familiar picture fills the screen, my
own playful smile, tousled hair, and big baby blues. He hesitates for a few seconds, looking at
my picture before swiping left.

“Ouch, hard pass on that one, huh?”

He startles, dropping his phone and cursing before turning to look at me. There’s a cloud
of uncertainty in his eyes for several seconds before recognition appears to dawn on him and he
realizes I’m the same guy he just passed on. It’s okay, my ego is far too sturdy for something as
minor as that to discourage me. I look sexy in my profile pic, but in person I have the full use of
my charms to convince him I’m worth his afternoon.

“Have we met?” He asks, his voice just as ball clenchingly deep as I’d been hoping.  

Mountain Topped is available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.